Want/need a new jungler...

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Ok, so I got a bit over 5k IP and I am wanting a new jungler. I have been playing mainly top laner for the longest time, and I have recently decided that I would be a top-laner/jungler to diversify myself in queue. Also, it feels good to be on the "ganking" side of things rather than the "worried about being ganked" side.

I have been playing Nautilus as my jungler (only one I really own) and he is quite strong. The big problem is, what if he gets banned, what if the other team picks him, what if we already have too many tank/tanky people as it is? So I am seeking a damage dealing kind of jungler.

Now, I do not want squishy really, I never really liked playing as the squishy guys, which is why I almost never play as the ADC. I have read the reign of gaming jungler tier list and I see some guys there who are cool, but have not really tried. I watched the most recent video as well, and he said that Trundle has become a good top tier jungler again. Does that mean that he was not a top tier at one point?

So there you have it, if I could please be given some help, advice, or just direction/pointers as to a good jungler, that would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.


PS- If the champion is a 6.3k champ, I am willing to wait to hit that mark to get them. And as a top-laner I already have some good top-laner as Wukong and Yorick, and also Gangplank as well.

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There are a ton of great junglers, and the majority of them are rather tanky. The thing about jungle is that it should always be tailored to fit the needs of the team. If you have jarvan top lane and say alistar/taric bottom lane, then it would be slightly overkill to roll malphite jungle (though there are exceptions to everything). The same can be said in the opposite direction, if you have kayle top, sona/graves bottom, and veigar mid, then taking fiddle for jungle would typically be a pretty poor plan.

Quality junglers are jarvan, mundo, lee sin, ramus, alistar, fiddle, nocturne, nautilus, shyvana, skarner, amumu, and more.

They all have their ups and downs, but the only one I would be careful about is lee sin. Lee sin is a notoriously difficult character to play, but is very satisfying and rewarding when you get good at playing him.

If you are looking for recommendations, try alistar and amumu. they are both cheap, and very strong junglers that every team can benefit from.

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It seems like I ONLY post about this champion anymore, but: Malphite. He shuts down ADC's with his E and Frozen Heart(Which is your first big buy). His ganks are amazing and his ult can change any teamfight, either way. His jungle sustain is amazing with his passive shield. All around a amazing jungler. And you said you like playing top too, grab a regrowth pendant and mana pots, build GP10 then with your harass being kept up, as soon as you hit 6 ult Q E Ignite for the kill.

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Well, all junglers are very diverse and there are so many roles each one fills. I guess I'll just throw out a few categories and the best, IMO, in them.

Counter-Jungling: These junglers like leaving their own jungle to go into the enemies and steal creeps from them. This sets the other team's jungler back, while giving you an advantage. Some of the best for this are Shyvana, Shaco and Nunu.

Fast clears: These champs are picked because they clear their jungle very quickly, and thus gank quickly. And come on, who doesn't love super fast ganks? I think the three fastest junglers are Udyr, Shyvana, and Dr. Mundo.

Ganking: While some champions excel in their jungles, some want to be in it as little as possible and spend as much time as possible ganking. Some of the strongest ganking junglers are Shaco, Maokai, Rammus, and Alistar.

Post-Jungle (Late Game): Some champions just transition out of the jungle and into team fights exceedingly well. By doing this, they contribute something the whole game, instead of just becoming irrelevant. A few of the best for this are Amumu, Nocturne and Shyvana.

But in short, the strongest junglers are Amumu, Shyvana, Udyr, and Dr. Mundo. I believe these to be the strongest.

Oh, and about Trundle. He's always been a incredibly strong jungler. People just forget about certain ones as the FotM changes. The same thing happened with Jungle Cow.

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Try: Alistar jungle, Hecarim jungle, Maokai jungle, Rammus jungle, and Warwick jungle. Those seem like champions you may like as they are tanky, have cc, and are more gank oriented like Nautilus.