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Custom Game Idea-Feeding Frenzy

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Map-Summoners Rift
Game Type-Blind or Draft pick (your choice)
Team Size-5v5

The goal of the game is to feed one of your teammates as much as possible

How to play: Both teams have one person as the carry (can be ad or ap) who must take ALL of the kills. The other players can be tanks or supports to assist the carry in getting kills. All players must go in the mid lane and stay in mid lane. Towers are allowed to be attacked.

The assisting players must abide by these rules:
1. They are NOT allowed to buy any items except boots and armor or mr (no health!)
2. They are allowed to buy consumables (potions, wards, etc.)
3. They cannot take any kills (suggested to not attack champs when they are at 1/4 health)
4. If they do kill a champ (can't think of anything for this, let you know if I do)

The carry may:
1. Buy any items they want
2. Recall to heal and buy
3. Go in the jungle to get blue buff or red buff (BUT ONLY FOR THOSE)

How to win: The carry get 20-50 kills (players can decide on that) or gets a pentakill (NO DELAYED PENTAS, THE ANNOUNCER AND/OR CHAT MUST SAY THEY GOT A PENTA.)

That is my idea for a custom game. It's not the best though but what do you think? How could I improve it? Do you like the idea?

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At 10 kills, the AD two-shots everything because they have no items. Let them build like only Armor.

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the 4 players who aren't getting any kills can't survive an attack from a fed carry.