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When did the community get so Toxic?

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Endrek Shar

Junior Member


So when did people on LoL become worse than HoN players? Is it because its free? Is it because the whole game is PvP based? I don't know and I want to hear some intelligent discussion on it.

My thoughts on it is that the League of Legends Lore should be turned into an MMO where you can play PvP or you can play PvE so you dont have to deal with these 12 year old call of duty gamers that dont know there lower regions, from there hands.

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This topic might be right up your alley then:


To answer your question, believe it or not you can and do run into decent players in PUGs every now and again. And when you find one it tends to black out all of the "bad" players you have had the displeasure of encountering over your games.

It's just a well known fact that every online game will have its trolls and scrubs. It happens in WoW, it happens DotA, it happens in TF2, it should come as no surprise it happens here.