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If you believe turtling is an issue, you're doing it wrong.

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explain smite to me, im curious of how much help that can be

Can jungle at lvl 1. (as opposed to starting bot lane then transitioning to jungle at lvl 3 or 4)
It helps so you have more health to gank and with dragon control.
The team that controls the jungle almost always wins.

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The thing I have against turtling in 3's isn't that it's OP or wins games, it's that it's stupid and drags the game out for twenty + minutes of nothing but watching them sit in the base and try to trade kills.
One of the big things that's supposed to make 3's superior to 5's is that they are generally shorter more like skirmishes than like huge blown out hour long games so when the game is dragged out to about 300% of it's length by people sitting in their bubble of invulnerability and pocketing kills from there it tends to become pretty annoying. Basically the problem that most people have isn't that it shifts the balance in some OP manner but something far more insidious for a game to suffer from, it. is. Boring.
The game stops being some big dynamic skirmish and becomes a stale grind to see which team blinks first.
I have seen games go as long as an hour and a half in 3v3s with absolutely no progress being made by either side for an hour and twenty minutes of that game, that's almost an hour and a half of just sitting around waiting for one side to give up.
And it doesn't matter when you kill the inhibitors, people can turtle as far as forty minutes into the game with just about as much effectiveness, if not more as 15 minutes into the game. There's only two ways to really win while they are turtling, one is to do so much damage/cc that they die before they can clear half the space of a flash and the other is to be so incredibly tanky that even with them and the turret attacking you you can just down it.
And don't even get me started on blitzcrank/skarner/darius/jayce/alistar/ just about ANYONE that can forcefully move your champion because with them it doesn't even matter if you can you can out tank them and the turret, the distance between the insta death/near invulnerability zone and the turret is just way to close, the thing isn't fullfilling it's design intention of stopping people from spawn camping you it's a ****ing weapon used to straight up kill the enemy team, get farm, and save your ass in the middle of a fight.

TL/DR: Turtling is boring, easily used at any point in the game, and demonstrates severe design flaws in the general layout of the map.