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2 possible glitches...

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I have been noticing this one more and more lately as it seemed at first to be error on my part but then after beginning to monitor my mouse click locations, latency, fps, and other cc's around me more closely I found that there might be a potential glitch with the "Taunts" system. I was in a match today (as malphite) and was tanking some shots for my team under a tier 3 turret when the other teams Ahri hit her taunt on me. Normally that taunt lasts for 2 seconds but this time after the 2 seconds my champ turned to run away and turned BACK into Ahri as if still taunted. During this additional 2 seconds of taunt I was unable to control my champ and ended up dying under the turret. I have noticed similar instances against Shen AND against Rammus. I was wondering if maybe this is a glitch with the character physics or maybe with the taunts in general.

The second thing is more of a curiosity thing for me. I normally solo top so my ability to get out of potential ganks is my big thing. But strangely today (since the patch) I have been having a lot of issues with unit collision. Whether it be trying to get to a last hit and pinballing off my own creeps or enemy creeps or even just simply trying to get away from a gank. It seems like the creeps are registering as bigger objects in the lane than they have been in the past. Obviously if the sizes of the creeps changed, then that's something i'll have to get used to. But I didn't read anything about unit collision being tweeked in the patch updates.

Some incite back on these subjects would be greatly appreciated as well as anyone else who might be experiencing similar issues.