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Well..Few words and ideas

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Dear riot and LoL players...First i think IP buy skinns would be nice...Cause i bet there is 1000 guys who have awsome skills but no money..Second..Stop making game so easy,i know everyone will wote down but "ignite" change in new patch is lame bad...Its 6th skillshot in game and we cant even do that..Just cmon..Make game harder,in few years it will be autoattack fest game..
Some idea..Make Thread and ask players who is most op who need nerf what need nerf ect..Its more bether way..even if its needed send them notifications to vote..Cause noone can say then "Riot sucks" or some thing like that...
Make something new...Like when u walk in bush you have shorter range or when u walk in water ur little slow'd , some cool stuff like that.. i bet prople would like that and it would make game bether,that would bring new tactics ofc bring some adventage in water bush ect..
Make some inovating champion ... like one who control minions or buff turret or do something on map.. i guess we are all sick of almost sain champs..
Make contest ... Idea for best champ that way everyone would be happy... sain for skin...I bet there is milions of guys with great ideas..
Ask players for ideas...I think would be cool to add some gank minions in jungle ... with little dps but he attacks you ... bring something new riot..
Add weather in game..I have lot of ideas in mind...But already know noone will read it..
So...Anyone who readed..Thanks,i dont mind if u dislike it or something i just wanna somone think about my ideas...So tnx again...And sorry for my bad english.