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Evelynn Best Dominion Champ?

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7 and 5?
I go 15/5/xx with her routinely, she's a monster on Dominion

send Jaxes and Rammus's running for their lives :3

Ali, Yi (AD), and Trynd are really the only people who consistently destroy me when I play Eve.

P.S. Sheen + Cleaver + whatever the hell you want is a beautiful thing.

At the oracle argument: target the ******* w/oracle's, after they've burned 750g they stop buying it.
As to the elo argument: I've played a game against FeralPony (and won ) so my elo shouldn't be that low and as I said she's one of my best picks in Dominion

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Hanki Elämä

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Twitch is a lot better