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6300 champion

Lee sin 4 30.77%
Shyvana 4 30.77%
Vladimir 3 23.08%
Renekton 2 15.38%
Voters 13 .

6300 champion?

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Junior Member


Hello there, recently I wanted another 6300 champ. But got stuck on which of the 4 to buy. So if you can help vote, it well would help a lot!

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Senior Member


It really depends what you want:

Lee sin: Great jungler and great solo top. A good choice if your team needs someone a little tankier but also to do some good damage and chase down stragglers if you have no other good gap closer.

Shyvana: Another great jungler, still a decent solo top. Again she's tankier while still doing nice damage, but mixing in her ult helps with some nice AoE damage.

Vlad: A good mid, as well as solo top. He's a great champion if you want to be sustain based and attempt to stay in lane for extended amounts of time. Offers some good damage output as well, and a great AoE nuke in his ult and tides of blood. As well, he's great at escaping.

Renekton: He's a really good early game top, with high damage output and his stun is really good early game. Late game, however, he does fall off a bit, as his scaling kind of stinks and if they have tenacity, his stun will effectively stun himself due to the animation length in comparison to the actual stun duration.

I personally like all these champions, but you do need to narrow down what you're looking for to decide who to get.