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Extended Circumstances Riven Guide (top+jungle)

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Jungle- coming soon

Riven vs. any lane you have trouble with brings up a couple of interesting strategies, although the below section was originally written for advice against a Olaf/Ez kill lane, it is applicable to other situations where you may not be able to just burst your opponents by building glass-cannon/carry Riven. While I think it may work to some extent to pushing lanes and potentially tankier or sustain lanes (shen or gp?) I haven't adequately tested these circumstances yet.

Things to keep in mind- OVERVIEW
At this point in the game, when you know you are going to be vs. a duo top, you have a few options. First off, we know you will be getting harrassed and potentially dived, that part is allright. The main things you have to keep in mind are that you are going to need defensive sustain, that you should generally stick extremely close to your tower, and that building a glass cannon damage Riven will not work in this situation. Farming vs. ranged will be extremely difficult outside of your tower, so GP5's may be a viable option, especially on a kill lane like Olaf Ezreal, considering Riven farms at melee-range. Know that if you are going to get gp5s, try to get ones you may be able to use later, and grab them early for their full effect.

Gameplay strategy-
Other than the ideas above, you mainly want to pray they make the mistake of diving you too early. Riven is wonderful under a tower, especially with the amount of cc you control. Take into consideration that Ez and Olaf don't have much -if any -considerable cc, considering the mobility on your q and e. When you get low, expect Ez to do his little flash shenanigans, but know if its coming you can easily dodge, turn the tables, or absorb the harass with your shield. Try not to get harassed too much, and try to stay in lane because this WILL make you out-level them both, the side-effect of having a duo vs. solo top. Because you farm at melee range, don't get trapped outside of your tower on a minion wave.

Item building-
Because you know you need defensive sustain (ie, not vamp.) and possibly gp5's, a philo stone is a good item. You probably want to build somewhat- beefy, perhaps a dorans or two and a phage, but mainly resist items like atmas or wriggles (vs ez/olaf) that also give you AD. Keep in mind that olaf does have some true damage, and building health at this point may be a better option, depending on who is getting most of the harass and farm on their side. IF the opposing ane had ap, a phage.hextrinker/wriggles would work perfectly; giving you the health and resist you need while still offering bonus AD and a free ward. Most of your damage and sustain should be skill dependent so that you won't be too item dependent, which would cost you too much for late game.

Skill options-
Rivens skill-set is her most impressive feature, and is the source for most of her damage. Building alot of damage mid to late game will make your burst dominate in team fights, assuming you have the survivability to do so. Keep in mind though that during this game, you may be forced to build less damage and more tanky, making your primary role disruption and chase.
You always want to take a point in Q at first level, regardless of circumstance. This gives you insane mobility as well as some harass options, farming assistance, and some small bonus cc. Next up, depending on how much damage you are soaking, you may want to take a point in valor, your E. If you seem to be doing allright though and are already pushed to your tower, take a point in W so that you can hopefully punish them for getting too close. This also helps with your burst and farm, but don't level W all the way up until last. At this point, you may want to take a few more points in valor if you can't get any harass on them, but balance this with Q so that during mid-game you can still assist in ganks and team fights, should one occur, with your impressive AOE bursts.