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Forgotten Pages (Semi-Open RP/Sign Up)

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Sinlaia felt useless. She wasn't a healer, the closest thing to mending wounds she knew was to recognize a few healing herbs, but that was not really helpful now. She sent a quick plea to the spirits and decided that's the best she can do for now - she let the two men do their job and instead started to pull out pieces of broken glass out of her fist.

((@Li: "only full-human here with no power"? How about Sin and Kano?))

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((putting in this on hold for a while so I can full force with A World of Ruin. Those of you in this are welcome to apply to that RP.

But, I will come back to this one soon.))

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Kiang Li

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((Maelwen, he burned his hands during the first encounter, which limited his physical ability.))

He finally composed himself together, but the world seemed to blur like nothing. His vision was slightly distorted and every turn was none other than a flicker of images fading here and there. Finally raising his head, he tried to find an enemy to combat, scanning around him for an enemy to take. His hands were burned, yes, but the numbness that was his wounds did not have much to contribute to him. But such let him ignore the pain. He decided not to draw his sword for now, but his attention seemed to throw itself towards the man, who seemed to suffer a grievous wound to the chest.