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NA is a server for North Americans

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I'm torn on this one. I agree that blocking the NA server to non-NA players isn't right. At the same time, It really sucks being the only one on the team who doesn't speak Portuguese.

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Add matchmaking social settings similar to Halo: Reach and this won't be a problem any longer.

In your options you can set things like..

  • Tone: All, Polite, Trash talk, etc
  • Language: All, English only, Portugese only, etc.

The more specific you want to be the longer matchmaking times will be, but I honestly would not mind waiting an extra 60 seconds to get a team that I KNOW will all speak English and hopefully will all be polite for example.

Pernix Body:
Oh, so you speak American too? Gee, thank god you know how to speak American, you idiotic Australian. American isn't a language, but i am glad that you recognize America's power you bottom feeder. The reason NA gets a server is because we actually contribute something to the world, while all the convicts flock to your disgusting island.

>I speak American too, so I am fine

The intelligence of a true Australian

I'm pretty sure he was taking the piss out of American English and you missed the joke. The irony of your closing sentence, it's too much.

In regards to the rest of your post, NA get's a server because that's where Riot started, shove it up your ass you ****ing ******. When there is a big enough market they expand to other countries, that's how business works.