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Rune Page Help

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I'm not very good at rune pages and making them. I've been experimenting but sometimes I have no idea what to do.

I need some help making rune pages for a few champions

AD Ranged Carries (I play a variety of different ones)
AD Melee (Mainly Shaco and Nocturne if that helps)
Akali (I just need some help fine tuning her page, I know she's very unique)
AP (Mainly Katarina and Ahri if that helps)
Support Champs
Tank Champs
Irelia (I actually have no idea where to go as Irelia. I want to start learning her more deeply.)

So any advice, help or anything would be nice.

I also would like advice on the masteries for Akali since she's my main. I have absolutely no idea and I'm going by a guide for it at the moment, but you know.

My build for Akali is as follows (At complete):

Mercury's Treads
Hextech Gunblade
Lich Bane
Trinity (Usually. It changes if need be)

If that helps in any way. I'm honestly not sure what would be of use

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Not sure I agree with getting both Lich Bane and Trinity Force. I'd go with just the Lich Bane.

Runes for Akali:
Magic Pen Marks (or Attack Damage if you need to activate her passive)
Health Seals
AP Glyphs
AP Quints

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Just go to the solomid or lolpro website and follow the pro players rune setups.
For AD carries the most common setup is:
+Flat AD quints
+Flat AD marks
+Flat armor seals
+Flat MR glyphs (could be per lvl too).
For AP carries it varies (fex some do not need mana), but common setup is:
+Flat AP or MS quints
+MPen marks
+Mana regen/5 or health/lvl seals
+Flat MR glyphs
For supports it also varies a lot, but you could go
+Gold/10 quints
+Flat armor marks
+Flat armor seals
+MR per lvl glyphs (or flat MR too)
Tank is very unspecific, so cant give you a rune setup, many characters with different roles (solo top, jungle, support) could be tanky, and the runes would vary.

For specific champs, just go to solomid or lolpro sites and follow pro players guides, also watch vids to understand their gameplay.