Fighter of the Nightman Part 5

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Vayne walked into the corridor of the Night Hunter’s Guild, as it was much more occupied than it ever was at the prime of its existence. The Guild was growing prosperously since Vayne’s arrival as it became the ruthless guild that it was always meant to be. The Guild had ties with almost every division in the Noxus, from the government, to the economy, even the military wanted some of the best killer that the Guild could offer. The Noxian economy as a result was flourishing better than any other holds in the Valoran and they couldn’t get enough of it.
Vayne walked into Riolas’s office which looked better than ever thanks to the new flourishing economy. When Vayne first started in the Guild, the place was a rat’s dream because it had a foul stench of rotting carcasses, bloody weapons, and day-old mead. Now it was decorated with a solid gold brazier, the freshest mead imported from Freljord, a tall stone throne for Riolas to sit in, and a wall for all of his finest weapons and armor. Vayne dug in her pocket to find a gold jewel that belonged to the man that she just killed in the forest. She gave it to Riolas.
“He’s dead?” Riolas asked.
Vayne looked at him with a stern look. “No one ever survives one of my silver bolts unless I hold back. His body is rotting in that forest. He’s animal food now.”
Riolas couldn’t help but to let out a chuckle. “Good. One of Swain’s officials wanted him dead. The man that you just killed was the last piece of tangible evidence of the Noxian government’s ties with the Guild. He was an informant for Demacia and was spying on their records and recording them back to the law enforcement. And we both know how Swain gets when people are in his business.”
Vayne smirked a bit. “You know I hate informants and rats. They are the filth of the world. Lying is one thing. Being a hypocrite is 10 times worse.”
Riolas got a bottle of mead from his desk and poured himself a small drink. Vayne spoke again. “Oh, and that wasn’t the last piece of tangible evidence.”
Riolas’s eyes lit up and he coughed. “What are you talking about? What is the last piece? I will drive my sword through him.”
Vayne chuckled. “Not him or her. It.” She reached into her armor and pulled out a stack of documents. “It looks like our rat was stealing from Swain himself. Aren’t you glad you hired a killer who used to be a grave robber?”
Riolas took a deep breath. “This is why you are my second-in-command. I know that Xalas resents me every single day since he has been demoted, but I do not regret my decision Shauna. It’s actions like finding these that confirm my decision in you every day.” He took a sip from his mead again and let out a small sigh in relief.
Immediately a Guild Member rushed through the front door. “Riolas! Come quick! Xalas and Hercas were ambushed.”
Riolas picked up his crossbow and ran out to the main lobby. Xalas was on Hercas’s back. Xalas was bloody from a bunch of scratches that were all over his chest and his face. Hercas put him down as a medic took him to the infirmary. Hercas looked a similar way, except for the fact that he was conscious unlike Xalas.
Hercas walked towards Riolas. “Hercas what happened?”
Hercas was hyperventilating anxiously as wiped the blood of off his forehead. “Piltover happened.”

Hercas and Xalas were coming back from a long trip from the island of Bilgewater. They had an order from Riolas to expand the territory of the Guild as they had done in Zaun and Icathia; Bilgewater was a place haven for all runaway scum and home to Runeterra’s leaders in organized crime (next to Noxus because of the Night Hunter’s Guild) and reckless anarchy. It was a perfect spot to place a flag for the Night Hunters.
Hercas and Xalas were walking back to the Guild through a large, dark forest. The entire journey was silent like always. The Night Hunters always hated small talk so it was normal that the journey to and from their destination was silent, unless it was a matter involving the Guild. The less that they knew about each other, the better it was for the assassins in case things got really intense.
Xalas opened his mouth for the first time in their journey from Bilgewater. “Can I ask you a question Hercas?”
Hercas gave him an annoyed and disgusted look. “I’d rather you not, but go right ahead.”
“Do you think that Shauna is sleeping with Riolas? Because there is no other way that a mediocre, amateur killer such as herself could be a Night Hunter Minister unless she ‘persuaded’ Riolas. Just a thought.” Xalas said.
Hercas rolled his eyes. “Here we go again with the Shauna *****ing.”
Xalas responded slightly confused. “What do you mean?”
“I’m talking about you.” Hercas said angrily. “You’re always *****ing about ‘Shauna this, Shauna that.’ I’m ****ing sick of it. You constantly go to Riolas about this as well and I can tell that he’s sick of it too. The only reason he doesn’t tell you anything is because he and Shauna are too busy actually completing their contracts and running the Guild as smoothly as possible. And while Shauna is getting ahead, you’re here complaining about it and plotting your revenge.” Hercas slapped Riolas on the back of his head. “Quit complaining about it, start completing your contracts, and DO YOUR ****ING JOB AS A NIGHT HUNTER. Then maybe, just maybe, Riolas will consider putting you back in your position.”
In the middle of his yelling Xalas interrupted him. “Don’t touch me.”
Hercas’s voice grew even madder. “Oh, don’t touch you?” He slapped him even harder on the back of the head. “This is what I’m talking about. Stop focusing on what I am doing and actually ****ing listen to what I am telling you.”
Xalas repeated his previous words in an angrier voice. “Don’t touch me.” Hercas was raising his hand getting ready to hit Xalas again. Immediately Xalas raised his hand and yelled. ‘MAGNAS COMPELLO!” A force came surging out his hands.
Hercas immediately parried his spell. “DECEDE!”
Hercas started angrily at Xalas for a brief second and clenched his fist tight. “You’re ****ing dead!”
Hercas tackled Xalas into a tree and started punching him senselessly. Xalas tried reaching for his staff in his clock, but Hercas slapped it out of his hand and stomped on it so it broke in half like a twig.
Before Hercas could deliver another blow to Xalas, a steel bolt whizzed right past bother of their heads and hit the tree trunk behind Xalas just barely missing his head. Hercas took his slightly bloody and bruised hands off of Xalas and looked right behind. They both saw a small troop of 4 Law enforcers. 3 of them had standard issue Piltover uniforms. The leader of the pack had her arm up because she just fired her mini crossbow that was in her hand. She stood there with her gold and purple armor with a slightly angry look on her face.
Hercas uttered 2 simple words. “****, RUN!”
All 4 enforcers began to open fire on Hercas and Xalas. They went to their assassin instincts and climb the trees that surrounded the forest and jump from branch to branch. They needed to raise their evasiveness and avoid being shot or seen.
Hercas jumped down from his tree and took cover behind the tree trunk. He and Xalas pulled out their crossbows and immediately started firing away. In a few seconds, it was nothing but open fire. Steel bolt after steel bolts were being fired. Hercas took aim at one of the officer and fired. Immediately, the bolt pierced through the neck of one of the officers. Blood splattered all over the trees and in the face of all the officers. They stared in shock as their fellow comrade died an instant death.
Hercas stood there in shock as well. He killed an officer of the law. In a Valoran Court, he could be incarcerated for the rest of his life. The only thing that he could say was the past words that he uttered. “****, RUN!”
Hercas and Xalas immediately fled the scene of the shooting and were fleeing back to the headquarters of the Guild as fast as they possibly could. They want back to their original fleeing strategy and climbed the trees and jumped from branch to branch.
Within a few seconds, they heard a loud screech. IEAAAAAA! Hercas looked behind him and saw a large indigo colored bird flying swiftly after them. Hercas and Xalas panicked even more and starting running much faster. Hercas was at a decent pace, but Xalas was falling behind. To the bird, this was obvious.
Xalas jumped for a tree branch. He was interrupted in mid-air because the bird tacked him in his chest. Xalas tried reaching for the branch, but missed it by mere inches. As a result, he fell a good 10 feet. He landed hard on the ground. He was in a significant amount of pain as he groaned the second that he hit the ground. Hercas looked back and saw that he was on the ground. He climbed down from his tree and ran to rescue him.
The bird found Xalas lying on the floor in pain. Immediately it began to claw at him and peck him violently. Xalas screamed in pain. Hercas took a knife from his sleeve and threw it at the bird. The bird quickly dodged it as it hit a nearby tree trunk.
Hercas then took out another knife and started slashing and attempting to stab or cut it. But the bird was as agile as any animal (or assassin) that Hercas had ever encountered. Immediately, a loud whistle could be heard in the distance. WHIIEEEEEE! The bird raised its head vigilantly. It flew back towards the Law Enforcers.
Xalas lay on the ground unconscious. Hercas was going into a panic. “No, no, no, no! Don’t you ****ing die on me! C’mon!” He slung Xalas on his shoulder. His adrenaline from his panic was fueling his speed and his strength as he ran as fast as he could back to the Guild.
“Stay with me Xalas! Stay ****ING WITH ME MAN! YOU’RE NOT DYING!” He constantly repeated to Xalas. Xalas could only let out a few unconscious groans of pain. Hercas’s hands were stained with Xalas’s blood.
Hercas found a rock in the middle of the forest. He slid it open with his foot and it revealed a trap door. Hercas opened the trap door and it revealed a dimly lit descending staircase. Hercas ran down the staircase and closed the door behind him. He ran down the staircase until he hit a corridor with a dim light at the end of it. He ran as fast as he could with Xalas on his back. He reached the end of the corridor, which revealed the lobby of the Night Hunters Guild. As he reached it, he yelled at the top of his lungs. “HELP! HELP! I NEED A MEDIC. XALAS IS DYING!”

“That’s everything that happened?” Riolas asked.
“Explicitly.” Hercas said in response.
“Are you sure Hercas? It is essential that in this crisis we get every single detail.” Vayne responded.
“I’m positive.” Said Hercas.
Riolas spoke. “Okay, now listen to me closely Hercas. On any other day, I would’ve given you hell because you killed a law enforcer and you signed your death wish. But today isn’t any other day. We have a guy in the infirmary right now in critical condition and a bunch to do as a Guild. Shauna luckily just killed one of Piltover’s spies so count your blessings. What I want you to do is to hang up your crossbow and law low on your assassinations. Piltover is super-hot right now and chances are they have your face plastered everywhere. The best thing to do is paperwork for the Guild and working for out planning and expansion division on how we are going to execute plans to take the Guild further. Can you do that for us Hercas?”
“Sure thing.” Hercas said reluctantly.
“It’s nothing personal Hercas. You did nothing wrong. If I was in that situation, I would’ve killed an enforcer too. But you have to understand that you are one of my best killers and I can’t risk having to lose you Hercas. You, Shauna, and Xalas are the original three killers that brought this Guild back from the ashes. If having to lie low means protecting my killers, then so be it. I’ll train someone else to be a killer, but I cannot lose you in a time like this. Please do not take this personally Hercas.” Riolas said.
“I understand. I’ll train someone. You have enough on your plate with this situation Riolas. Just rest assured I’ll train a new killer.” Hercas responded optimistically
“Good. I am glad that you understand. Right now I want you to hang up your crossbow and round up potential killers that you would send out to complete contracts. I trust your judgment that you will scout a great assassin as you have done so in the past.” Riolas said.
“On it.” Hercas saluted Riolas and he ran off.
Vayne and Riolas walked back to Riolas’s office. Immediately as they got into the office, Vayne shot at a blank spot in the stone wall. Riolas flinched as it pierced the stone.
“Sorry about that.” Vayne spoke.
“No, it’s quite alright.” Riolas said. “Was there any reason in particular that you shot that?”
“It’s Piltover. They have done unspeakable, corrupt, and grotesque things to uphold their so-called ‘code of honor.’ They almost got Demacia into their nonsense and Demacia is the Runeterra Police. Now they’ve gone too far.” Vayne uttered in a serious, yet monotone voice.”
“Riolas, remember those bugs that we found when I joined the force.”
“Yes. What about them Shauna?” Riolas inquired.
“I think that Piltover finally see who’s a bigger threat.” Vayne said.