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Fiddlestix - SILENCE I KILL U!!

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Dark wind is actually very good for geting early game kills, f you target a champion with it first, at level one it will hit him then bounce to creep, then hit champion again. 200 damage right there, the key is timing it so that t hits the champion twice rather then hiting creeps who are low. use it when a fresh batch of enemy creeps arive so that u garantee it goes for the champion as primary target and will hit twice, even if the enemy is good and runs away so it only gets hit once. 100 damage is still more then most champions spells at level 1. majority of champions spells do about 80 at level 1 and then 160 or 140. if you hit twice fiddle can do 200 at level 1. this makes it one of most damage spells at level 1. also fr people who get into fights in the bushes at top/bottom before creeps reach turrets. you can usualy cast it and hit 2 enemy champions. so thats 300 damage.

the way i play fiddle.i get philosipers,boots,warden mall,boots -> sorcs,lichbane,zonya then abysl. i max dark wind first. and then lifedrain, with 1 point in terrify at level 4.fiddle is gr8 against 2 champions as a rank 5 dark wind hits 11 times, that means if 2 enemy champions are pounding on you, your warden mall reduces there atk speed and the armor gives gr8 survivabilty. they will not expect you to be that survivable and so think you will be an easy kill so they dont run. as the fight starts u dark wind. this will keep bouncing off both of the champions doing 500 dmg to 1 600 to the other and keeping them both silenced for a long time. this means they cannot interupt your life drain, and with warden mall making u take very little damage, your life drain should bring you bak to full health. and you will probably kill one. this is gr8 considering you are able to do this with max dark wind at as low as level 9, and easily take on 2 other equal level champions who will severly underestimate your survivability. and this is without having to use ur ultimate.

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I main fiddlestix, and I can absolutely say that dark wind is one of the most useful early game nuke/harass spells there is. It is relatively high damage, though it doesn't scale terribly well, but more importantly the silence guarantees you can escape without much counter harass.

As for drain, picking up a single level of drain at early levels is almost essential if a random Master Yi comes swinging for your face, but more than a single level isn't worth it till later, generally speaking.

Item wise, there is nothing rocket sience about fiddle, though I mostly do the same as you. My late game items are different, as I build as much magic penetration as possible (void staff is AMAZING) and also I skip rod of ages, but mostly AP and magic pen are your key to success with fiddlestix. Also, as someone mentioned above, Mejai's Soulstealer is a fantastic item on fiddle, as he is able to grab easy ult ganks and end up with some rediculous stats that way.

The mistake that I think a lot of fiddle players make is trying to gank at early levels. Face it, while you may be able to pull off some lucky dark wind bounces or drain a newer player to their demise, usually this strategy will get you killed more than it will kill enemies. You're much better off hanging back a little and harassing early game, and then ganking every time crowstorm's cooldown is up. A crowstorm + fear will get you a kill ever time, sometimes multiple.

A final note - late game, fiddle is FAR from useless. Fear is one of the most OP abilities in the game late game, and it can completely shut down high damage characters like Katarina and Ryze. Aside from this, dark wind loses its utility as a damage spell, and starts being insanely useful for the silence aspect. The ability to silence an entire enemy team for multiple seconds is unique to fiddle, and is a good way to win teamfights late game.

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then hit champion again
Or hit another creep instead....duh. And lichbane is fail on him, dont even say that you will attack someone lategame with physical attacks. You can get better item.