Orianna: All the ways to make the ticking stop

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I play Orianna on and off, and I have tried many different ways of building and leveling her. The goal of this post is to collect them all, so the community of Orianna players (no matter how small) can see different ways to play her. So please, tell me how you play Orianna. Leveling and or build. From AD to jungle, I don't care.

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AP mage, emphasis on CC and assists. Most of my lategame kills are accidents during teamfights meant to help a teammate get a kill. Then again, that's kind of what Orianna is designed to do.

The main thing you'll probably find if other people post is that there are two main points of contention. To Athene or not to Athene (or to RoA or not to RoA), and W or Q first. Non-Athene builds tend to have higher overall AP and burst, but have to be slightly more sparing with their abilities. Athene builds have lower overall AP and slightly reduced utility, depending on what you replace the Athene's with, but they can cast essentially forever without going OOM.