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I dont like kitty sounds

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I also veto on changing tristanas voice. Her and Jax' voice are the best in the whole game imo.

I somewhat agree that their voices are very awesome--perhaps not the absolute best, but they're -way- up there. Captain Teemo's voice is freaking awesome too, but why do people hate it so much?

I think a lot of people are just arrogant and afraid of cute; same reason Wind Waker got so much bad wrap.

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Razzle Dazzle:
They are trying to apeal to Asians who liek cute champions liek that... I think they have alot but not to much!
Annies Voice - Needs to be more evil
Amumus Voice - Perfect! Best voice in the game
Teemos Voice - A bit annoyign but its good enough to stay
Tristana Voice - I wanna Shoot Somethiiiiiing! I really like her voice! I can tell alot about her personality from it! Her naggy impatient tone makes her stand out

the irony of it? "oh look, i'm so small and look/talk cute! i have a teddy bear, wanna see..?"

BAM, you're blasted with paws o fury and a fireball up your ass.

i haven't played the others...no comment