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lvl 15-19 with atleast 60 wins

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I'm plannin on getting on after I shower and eat some food. Anybody want to play? You are going to have to be on my skill lvl or a tiny bit higher.. So here is how I will do it, should not be too hard I had this many wins at those lvls. I am barely 19

Lvl 15 45+
lvl 16 50+
lvl 17 57+
lvl 18 68+
lvl 19 80+

I have 83 wins I think and I ranked up the game before I got off last night. So I am a barely lvl 19 with 83 wins and like 10 custom game wins.

Also Its in SR Draft mode is what we will be playin.

And I will do any role needed.

Will probably be online in about 30 minutes as well.

I will even take in lvl 30's I am have been going against alot of 30's lately O.o so if you want to play with me friend me and comment on this thread.

Edit 1: I have 83 win 70 loss I think and I am on a small win streak right now as well Think 2 or 3 games