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Riven Gameplay Questions

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So Ive been playing riven for a while, and I am ok with her, but Im looking to get better. She is by far my favorite to play mechanics wise, and fits my playstyle well enough.

But as said, Im looking to get better. So Im wondering if anyone knows of high ranking players who have youtube vids or strats/guides of riven play so I can watch and study em.

Something that I have been meaning to ask is which is better AD or CDR on riven. Before anyone starts yelling 'AD you noob', Ive played with both and both seem to work out well. I feel like with CDR Ive more utility in R and W spam, as well as using E and Q more often to proc the passive, but the raw dps out put of just raw AD means Ill hit like a truck. Both seem to work, atleast from my perspective, but Im trying to maximize effectiveness. Is there a happy medium between the two?

Also, on another note, I do have a more upfront question. I kinda feel like an idiot but lately whenever I play against Darius, I have a hell of a hard time trying to get my CS up while not getting face raped by him. Any tips and tricks to play against darius would be cool. Thanks

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Why not try both AD and CDR? Oh, and while you're at it...get some Apen to go with it?

In my opinion, Riven should run AD Marks and Quints, Armor Seals, and CDR Glyphs (Flats if you have em, per level if not). Then first damage item you should be rushing is Brutalizer...AD, Apen, and CDR all rolled into one lovely item that Riven can truly abuse.

After that, Stacking raw AD, ARM, and MR is a great way to enhance her survival at the same time you are boosting her damage output. HP helps too, since the more HP you have, the "longer" you have to pull off more shields (takes enemies longer to kill you, possibly granting you one last shield before you die).

Taking lifesteal is also a great thing to do with Riven so she can sustain. Nothing at all wrong with CDR boots, 4x Dblades, and a Brutalizer due to a poor early game. Not the most ideal, but gives Riven a little of everything she really wants...