Shah, The Deserts Embrace.

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Part 1: where does Shah fit in?

Currently the jungle is made up of, Auto attack heavy AD champs, with Kayle (arguably falls under the first category), Elise, Evelyn, and on rare occasion Diana. To make up the Ap side of things. I'm sure I missed at least one ap jungler (Gragas i guess but hes built more tank than ap burst now.)

Anyway I wanted to make a snowballing melee AP campion that is a jungler style of play.

1. A jungler needs some sort of sustain or way to burst down camps so fast they don't lose health as much, or have a very tanky base stat base.
2. They need some way to clear camps. Dianas passive, Nocturnes passive, help them stay clearing camps in a quick time frame.
3. A way to get some ganks. CC and a gap closer for melee champs, ect.
4. I wanted him to make an impact even if his jungle gets taken.
5. I want people not to use him as a laner like diana was. So he can succeed his design.

To start off i wanted.

-A skill shot slow, to use to close the gap.
-A form of cc. I'm a big fan of charm spells, since they don't occur often *ahem Ahri ahem*
-A meaningful passive, not a +16 mr per champion around, thats lame.
-AoE way to clear camps/teamfights
-A powerful ult that feels good to cast.
-Since i wanted A squishy AP burst he needed a way to survive team-fights, but i wanted to add more counter play than a Yi q.

I also wanted to tie this champion with A deserty Amumu feel.

Part 2: Shah and the League.

Shah, started out as a sultan from the ottoman empire, as the base for his concept. Slowly I realized I was having trouble giving him purpose for being in the league of legends. So to tie it in we needed someone with a similar past, and an ability about cursing people.

"Shah was a shot tempered Sultan, ruler of a small Kingdom on the boarders of the Fyrone Flats and Shirma Desert. Under the constant threat of invasion from the northern Pharaoh, he and a band of his most faithful, set off to meet with the Pharaoh. Upon entering the palace he was surprised to learn that the Pharaoh was more that a mere boy named Amumu. Shah preposed his peace treaty to the young boy anyway, but upon finishing the boy sat up, took the peace treaty, and laughed as he tore it to shreds. Shah, taking this as a dishonor drew his sword and was able to cut down all of Amumu's Guards before they could react. Shah stepped towards the boy and lifting him by the collar, plunged his sword towards the boy, But before the stroke fell, Amumu uttered out his curse. Shah awoke many centuries later, to find that the deserts sand and completely over came his body, he could feel the wind on each grain, the pain as they shed off and new ones took their place. Looking at his hand he saw that his sword had fused with his hand in an unbreaking bond, He practiced moving his new body around, and eventually was able to use the wind to carry him far distances, during his years of practice he grew to loathe the boy who had cursed him, and when he learned that the boy was still alive and in the League of Legends. Nothing could stop Shah from reaping his vengence."

part 3: Kit and explanation

No matter what skill I start with his kit will sound confusing, stay and read it all, it will make sense! Promise!!

Note: Shah is melee so he has standard melee range.

Passive - Deserts Torment

Shah's abilities drain his enemies making Shahs strikes more meaningful. Stacking Up to three times dealing 5/10/20 (+ .1 AP) % Max Life Depending on stacks, auto attacking or casting Cleaving Sand, procs the stacks. This effect cannot occur on the same champion for 30 seconds.

Explanation, The idea of his passive was a way for him to scale in fights no matter how far behind he was, Also a good way to get lots of burst damage out. However It makes his laning crazy because if he gets any of his skills off he gets a 5% damage poke with a q auto, the whole point was for him to be played as a jungle, so i added the 30 second cap, this may need to be higher, but I haven't been able to play it in game! ;D

Q - One With The Sand
CD:10 Seconds.
Range on Explosion - 400.
Range on dash 950.
Mana Cost: 65 at all ranks.

Shah moves as one with the breeze shooting him in a straight line, upon collision or end of the range, his body explodes outward dealing damage and applying one stack of his passive to any enemy champions hit. Also grants 10/12/14/16/18 % move speed after cast. Change: If One With The Sand hits an enemy champion Reduce cool down by 6 Seconds.

Damage is 70/100/130/160/190 (+.55 AP)*subject to change*

Notes: Shah cannot use this to go through walls, it is strictly a gap closer skill shot, much like Naut. Walls minions and enemy champions count to stop his movement. The reduced cool down is to give him a ability that he can use more than once in a fight, as Shah was before he used his kit then auto attacked, which isn't what an ap Champion wants! the range is double that of standard melee range meaning he wont be crazy, and his dash is just under that of a mumu q, and a tad harder to hit, plus it dosen't go through walls

Explanation, A simple gap closer, much like sejuani, but I wanted there to be more options besides go in and pray you hit (or use skill ;P) and then if you miss your combo is broken. He gains a bit of movespeed to use it as a get away since he cannot traverse walls. With testing I might add "cleanses slow effects." but thats a little much to start with. The cooldown makes it much more useful as an offensive ability.

W - Mirage
CD: 12/11.5/11/10.5/10 Seconds.
Mana Cost: 80 at all ranks.

Shah Charms all enemies within range to look at a target location, Enemies effected by the charm will walk to the destination indicated, take damage and gain a stack of Deserts Torment.

Damage: 80/90/100/110/120 (+ .45 AP) This shouldn't be his main damage, but shouldn't tickle either.

Explanation, Probably my Favorite skill of his kit, Its a new take on the charm effect, while the numbers here are all change able, it needs to feel like a directed Ahri charm that you must be within a 400 range synergizing this with his q will be paramount in ganks, or holding turrets as you an come from behind and charm the enemy to walk towards your turret keeping you safe.

Example: Since its confusing on first read (to me at least.) He charms enemies in a 400 AoE (equal to his q explosion) to a destination signaled by the players cursor location, like a Smart cast spell. so charmed enemies move to the location of the cursor not towards the caster of the charm. I don't want to make the cool down too short but he needs to use his skills again eventually.

E - Cleaving Sand
AoE is equal to: 400 (slightly over a Tiamat cleave.)
CD: 7 Seconds.
Mana Cost: 30/35/40/45/50

Passive - Shah gains 2/4/6/8/10 % lifesteal and spell vamp. (I REALLY want to buff the numbers earlier but cannot find a way to do so without making the scaling stop abruptly or make it too good late game. Runes may be a good option, although I'm not sure hybrid LS and SV exist. Will look into it when I find time/ remember.)

Active - Shah's next 3 auto attack deals bonus damage in an aoe Popping all Deserts Torment stacks by all enemy champions.

Damage is equal to 20/30/40/50/60 (+.8 AP) PLUS his AD, This skill deals MAGIC damage, so armor does not resist these three auto attacks.

Explanation, A good way to round out his kit, here he gets added survivability, not a ton but enough to help him survive the jungle early with auto attacks and spell vamp later once he gets his AP built up. The active serves as a way to pop his passive on enemies he couldnt quite close the gap on but were close enough to get some stacks on them.

R - Coming Storm
CD: 110/100/90 Seconds.
Mana Cost: 110/120/130.

Shah turns into a raging sand storm, becoming stealthed for the duration, Dealing damage in an AoE around him, and adding A stack of Deserts Torment every other second, stacks are applied at the end of the second. Lasts 2/3/4 seconds. Shah Can move cast Cleaving Sand and auto attack for the duration without breaking stealth, Once the effect is over he gains 1 second of bonus stealth before he becomes visible. Stuns stop the effect, however roots and snares do not, Shah just cannot move.

Damage 110/150/200 (+.5 AP) Damage per second.

Explanation, His ult, his defining skill, Shah can use this in many ways, and not all are correct. The max passive stacks it can add are 2 and thats only at ranks 2 and 3 meaning he must hit one of his skills before he can get the maximum usage from his passive. at level one he can get in proc his passive and have a safe-ish escape, giving his laner the bonus damage they need to secure the kill. This skill also has many counter play options. Slows roots and snares still effect him even if you don't have vision. stopping him from adding stacks to your team. A pink ward can be placed to blow him up, and AoE stuns stop the effect and don't allow him to use his last second of stealth.

Part 4: Skill order and combo.

To play Shah I'd give him this skill prority: R>E>Q>W

R because of the bonus ult duration, more passive stacks
E For the sustain plus the bonus attack damage and it can be cast without breaking your stealth
Q It should be his highest form of scaling damage, because its harder to land.
W One point early but the charm length wont increase just the damage output. (subject to change)

Order to level E, W, Q, E, E, R

With level 2 and 3 pretty much interchangeable, his q and w deal damage to minions but don't give the status effect or passive stacks.

To play Shah I'd recommend coming from behind and Q in then W the enemy towards your laner. Ult if you have it just stick with the enemy.

In teamfights, The same thing you have to initiate, you have no reliable way to poke and be safe. So you must hard engage, snag a kill and get out. Landing your full combo can be fatal to any squishy you encounter as they need to have a way to kite you, but first they have to see you. And at 500 ap 25% life will DECIMATE tanks! Landing all of your combo on the enemy team can seal the deal before the fight starts!

Part 5: Stats

First off if You've actually read this much I thank you! As you can see by this wall of text I have an Idea of what this Champion would be like if he was put into my game. (assuming my game was a LoL style MOBA.)

When I came up with Shah I wanted him to use Health as a resource, but the idea was so counter intuitive to a bursty Ap Champion that I eventually settled for mana.

Now for the stats.

Level 1 (+per level) / Level 18

HP: 480 (+50) / 1330
HP Regen: 6 (+.85) / 20.45
Mana: 300 (+45) / 1065
Mana Regen: 7 (+.6) / 17.2
Movement Speed: 345 (+0) / 345
Attack Speed: .625 (+ 2.25%)
AD: 55 (+4) / 123
AP: 0 (+0) / 0
Armor: 30 (+3) / 81
Magic Resist: 30 (+0) / 30

Primary: Mage,
Secondary: Fighter

Nothing Too unique about his stats, Low starting hp but above average starting armor, These numbers are subject to tweakage.

Part 6: Itemization

Core Items:
Boots - Sorcerers or Ionian boots are great, In the Jungling stage Id recommend Mobility, If you dont get Crystal Scepter, Quickness are a good option to make sure you can get your AoE effects off.

Deathcap - Flat Ap? Yes.

Crystal Scepter - Even though the slow is scaled down on AoE abilities it applies the same meaning as it does on Soraka, Ap Health and a slow, a very nice item!

Offensive Items:
Spirit of The Spectral Wraith - The Ap offensive jungling item. Usually sold later for more ap

Archangels Staff - While not necessarily the best champion to stack a tear, The huge ap spike is awesome.

Deathfire Grasp - Huge Ap bonus PLUS more % life damage on a single target? I think yes, Blow up The Marksmen and then do more damage after!

Defensive Items

Hourglass - While the active effect cancels your Ult, The Ap Armor and and even active are great, Plus it gives you the ability to get in deep pick off the carry of your choice and buy time for your team to come in.

Will of the Ancients - Mostly for the bonus Spell vamp, The added Ap is nice as well.

Thats it for now: I will add Runes and Masteries later. Thanks for Reading!

Please comment and provide suggestions, I am currently aware that after his passive he feels unerwhelming, but thats the sacrifice of high burst % life damage ^.^

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