Elo Hell Exists!

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In my personal opinion gaining elo around the lower ranges possibly 1000-1350s is based on LUCK, SKILL, and KEEPING THE TEAM TOGETHER.

In Elo Hell expect to see these type of people.
- People who just say **** you out of nowhere.
- Feeders
- Trolls
(Feel free to suggest more)

What I do
When I'm a jungler, I usually just ward their lane if they don't ward their lane. I try to be a babysitter for everyone if they don't ward. I usually try to counter jungle too but that's only if the team could possibly come with me or unless it is safe. I also keep track of buff time, and when a lane is feeding I usually try to help but if all lanes are denied I go to camp the lane that will have the biggest comeback late game. What I'm trying to say is I'm pretty sure I don't belong around 1100s, you might say people in high elo can carry themselves out but I'm not him/her. I just want to be in my elo range, I want to play competively and have one of those close games.

Sorry for making my post informative, at first I was going to explain why elo hell exists then I just started venting. :P