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Melee help!

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King Just1ce

Junior Member


i really like playing annie, but i wanna get more kills espically late game, but i never can with annie so i'm taking a break from her but need to know what melee champion can get lots of late game kills but is not to hard to play and is easy to understand. i'm only level 11, so i still play against bots on summoners rift so any help would be greatly appreicated and any help for late game annie too would work thnx!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Danish Vikingz

Senior Member


Play every different champion that is free to play... Don't care one second about kills, as that is not what the game is about and if you get too focused on steamrolling bots, you'll never survive in a PVP match. The game is about teamwork and getting a strong composition, the sooner you learn this, the better.

Seriously, play as many different champs as possible, don't pick one and "main" it.