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Hey i was wondering if i could get some Feedback

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Wiggly toes



I have been informed that if i post this that she will most likley not be used but at this point im more interested in weather she is an original concept and/or if she has potential

The Swarm Queen Melee AD (low) Health (high) AP (moderate)
Appearance Lower half Cattapilar Upper half Hot chick
Passive: GrubSwarm (around The Queen the Ground is covered in grubs slowing enemy champions the range is eqaul to the percentage of heath she has remaining slowing efect increases with lvl )

Q: Stinger Grub (Produces a grub that evolves after killing 1 minion into a wasp that may do stackable damage over time equal to the Queens AD after 1 atack per point in Stinger Grub the wasp dies only three can be active at a time range is equal to Half Grubswarm. cool down activates after first wasp dies grubs cannot be damaged but adults can)

W: Bodyguard Grub (Produces a grub that evolves after 5 minion kills the resulting beattle cannot attack has 1/4 Queens life only two can be made at one time and the cool down does not start until both have perished armor and resistance increases with points all damage that would be done to the queen is divided 50% to the queen the other 50% is divided among the beattles all effects of the attack still carry over to the queen)

E: Sceeto Hive ( Makes a Small Imobile Hive Similar to teemo's mushrooms except only two can be created and they can be destroyed and do not go invisible the hives produce a Sceeto every time the queen recives a champion kill the sceeto's then seek out the nearest minions or monster and begin to feed with life steal after a certain number of kills if they survive they return to the queen self destructing but giving the rest of their life to the queen they can be targeted and destroyed they will only target champions if attacked every point improves their stats all kills aquired are considered queen kills)

R: Metomophasis (the Queen Cacoons for 10 seconds imoblizing her then she emerges as a chick with butterfly wings her unaugmented health and AD switch then add any bonuses from items and Grub swarm changes to butterfly swarm no longer slowing but dealing her AP in damage to opponets including minions within the area every ten seconds thus makeing her a power house for a short period when returning to her origonal form her health stays the percentage she had in her alternate form)

What do you guys think
her difficulty rating might be high but i think shes well ballanced oh and if any one has tweak ideas please post them. i just thought this would be an interesting hypothetical
oh yeah i have more ideas if this goes over well however if not thats cool

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Senior Member


Wrong forum. Her body style would be close to cass don't you think. I think her Q and W should only make one similar to yorick. Her E should be changed sounds a little op and would make everything a little busy. I like the R maybe make the champ a human with wings then her ult makes her a wasp since I think this is where your theme. Not bad but needs work