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LeBlanc - TY Riot!

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I happened to watch a LeBlanc during a spectate and fell in crazy love. Whoever was playing her made me want to play the hell out of her (TY who ever that was!). I've since found she's certainly not what I'm used to (Karthus, Malz, Annie) but I've gotten better.

When I noticed the gameplay changes mentioned LeBlanc, I was horrified I might have wasted my time only for Riot to nerf her burst or mobility. But thank you for proving me wrong!

For those who missed it, http://na.leagueoflegends.com/news/jayce-patch-preview-gameplay-changes

Also, if anyone could offer some advise on the appropriate rotation?

I've been W-Q-W early then W-Q-E (but I'm actually quite bad at landing my chains. I'm used to Morg Q but E on LB seems different to land) to harass them down until I can pull off a W-Q-R-E-W but the W is just gap close and doesn't seem to land thus it doesn't seem to do the burst I've seen others pull off. Champs seem to get away with 1 bar or less.

I've tried to get a Q-R-W-E-W but I can't seem to get close, people definitely play safer then they do when I play Karthus or Malz.

Also, tanky farmers! I've had tanky build anivias and malz just do the farm and sit at the turret. I don't clear fast enough to push hard and they tend to come in, clean up and go back. I try to zone and force something but junglers pop out of nowhere. What's the go?


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If they refuse to get close to you then position yourself between them and their mobs and deny them cs and xp. if they get to close QRWEW, they might get off 1 attack before they are silenced and depending on where they are you might get hit by a turret once. Mean while you'll have hit them for atleast half their hp, atleast.