Increasing Delay, need help :(

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This is a strange thing that has been happening to me for the last couple of weeks, and it has left me more or less incapable of playing the game. Whenever I am in a game, the second the fighting starts, a delay starts setting in, and it just keeps on rising. Starts with just half a second, and soon enough there is 10 seconds between when I give an order and when it is executed on the screen =/
The weird thing is this, if I make lol shut down when in a game, after this sets in, and then rejoins, my game is fine once again, no high ping or delay.
I would have to do this every single game, and that is not fair to my team if suddenly one lane jumps off at the very start of when the fighting happens.
Does anyone know the reason for this happening? or a way to fix it? D:
My internet is 40 mbs and I have no problems with any other online game, only LoL.