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~Pick your Path - GG no RE~

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8/9 Narwhals, narwhals!

8/5 something or other?

8/1 I think? Lots of panties!

7/30 in deep

7/28 ties that bind

7/27 Kinky.

7/25 Poor Leona = (

7/23 Chilly politics

7/22 cue ominous music.

7/21 how deep does the rabbit hole go?

7/20 Uh oh, someone's in trouble!

UPDATE - 7/19 our little juniors are becoming summoners now!

UPDATE 7/18 Part 2 of day 3 posted

UPDATE 7/16 part 1 of day 3 posted

UPDATE 7/15 Part 5 of day 2 posted

UPDATE 7/14 Part 4 of day 2 posted. = )

UPDATE - 7/13 - Part 3 of day 2 posted. More big choices to be made.

UPDATE - Part 2 of day 2 posted WARNING! plot choices to be made!

UPDATE - End of first day / start of day 2 posted

Relocated from the previous thread because I was concerned that one of these starting in a thread with a different name more than 20 pages in might confuse people.

~Pick your Path - GG no RE~

Welcome, ladies and gentlemen! Today, we shall be watching over and guiding a group of summoners hunger-games style! Four will enter, but only one may claim the heart of the female champion of choice.

You already know the rules...


Okay, well, there are some rules. Four summoners go to the league, each independently but arriving at the same time, with the intention to claim a female champion as their girlfriend. The problem is, they all want the same female.

Da Ruelz -

1) This is GG no RE edition. Anything goes. Anything. And I will not adjust the story to artificially extend its length if the summoner does something dumb. If you pour gasoline on yourself and light yourself on fire, that's it. Your summoner of choice is dead and is disqualified. Game over. There are no character protections.

2) Summoners and Champions may be approached for advice as a summoner character's choice - occupying a turn and determining an outcome based on that summoner / champion's advice. Example:

Summoner John Smith decides to ask Talon for advice. "Ask Talon" will have a period of time to reply with his advice. If a reply is not given within the timeframe, it will mean that the champion cannot be located, or I will need to improvise and guess a reaction. But Talon posts. The summoner's behavior is determined off this advice.

Summoner J0hn Sm1th decides to ask Belthazor for advice. Belthazor doesn't remember to update the thread. J0hn Sm1th dies of dehydration.

Summoner J0hnn S/\/\1T|-| decides to ask Viktor for advice. Viktor did not post because Viktor had something more important to do. Either there will be a "could not be located" error, or the champion's reaction will be improvised.

(The latter should be expected to be more frequent considering the fact that I can't have 3 of 4 characters perpetually waiting outside someone's door for days - but wasting a turn WILL be a risk from continuously going to individual others for advice).

There is a rule, however. A champion/summoner may only assist one of the summoners. One would not be able to give advice to all four as all four are competing for the same female.

The female that shall be persued will be voted on - and the largest number of votes at the time of which I close voting will win - unless the vote is too wide and we have a case of 10 champions being voted for, each having 2 votes or so - if that takes place, we will have a re-vote between the top three.

At some point in the future, a summoner may chose to persue a different mark, backing off of the first one, entering a "Fail state" (doing so will be very difficult as at least two summoners must select the same new mark) - or may chose to date another female in effort to make the primary envious, or any other potential devious hidden motive.

This will follow the relationships that I know of to exist on the forums. For example, should Sona become the mark, you will have to contend with twisted fate - and you will get no special "important character protection" when dealing with the consequences of your behavior.

First order of business - SELECT A PRIMARY MARK -

(Vote for your desired female champion. If there are not enough votes to dedicate a reasonable winner, we will narrow it to the top 3 and re-vote)

If too many people jump to vote on something without a clear reason as to why, there will be a chance that I interprit that as people rushing for an outcome so that the next section of the story will be posted - should that happen, wildcards will have a chance to appear - and they may be very unpleasant. (if a clear reason that people are agreeing on is presented, this risk will be disabled)

Second order of business - BUILD YOUR CHARACTER SHEET

Summoner 1 - Bob Petrelli

Bob Petrelli comes from a wealthy family high up in the Demacian hiarchy. His family placed high expectations on him, and he studied to become a summoner and do his family proud and bring honor to his family name - though the studies were very boring and difficult to grasp. His family had him beaten many times for failing to learn, but Bob was unsure about his future. He didn't know if he truthfully wished to be a summoner, until he began to hear rumors of a female within the league. After learning about her, he had the motivation to pass his trials, and now, he is at the league, intent on claiming his dreamgirl...

Summoner 2 - Joe Makarov

Joe Makarov's family was killed in a Zaunite business chemical test. He was given compensation from the Zaunite government for this loss, but being a child at the time, he had no knowledge of how to use the money. He hired an accountant to help educate him, but the accountant simply stole the money from him and left him as a street rat in the gutter of Zaun. Joe knew that there was something greater than life as a streat rat, and focused all the time not spent scavenging for food on trying to learn how to read. When that was successful, he struck a bargain to be trained as a summoner in return for working for a while for an older summoner that took pity on him. After many years of hard work carrying him into being an adult, and now being a real summoner, it is his first day at the institute of war. He studied diligently, hoping to pay off his debt as soon as possible and become a summoner just as quick. During his studies about the league, he heard tales of one female champion, that he had a desire to be with...

Summoner 3 - Todd Nakamora

Todd is a student from Ionia, who originally signed up for the league because he believed that if he wanted to protect Ionia, the best way to do that was by becoming a summoner and gaining influence. Todd never lost any friends or family to Noxus, Zaun, or Bilgewater in the Ionian invasion and he never took part in any sort of real life-threatening combat, but he does not wish to see his home fall, and so he decided the best way was to become a summoner. He studied for a long span of time, working through his adolescence to become a real summoner. For a long time, this created reclusion as he was alone with his books... but, he did come to the realization that there was more to life than just fighting, when he set eyes on...

Summoner 4 - Paul Allan

Paul Allan grew up in a small tribe south of the great barrier, learning of the mighty voidling god. Tales of the voidling god had come to his village many years before and the people of his village strictly indoctorinated him into belief in the great voidling. The prophet whom had come through the village instructed them that the voidling god would look upon their village with favor should they force two children to fight to the death once each month in a grand event where the winning fighter would have the honor of being sacrificed to the void. This was all Paul knew and he had worked hard for his childhood, hoping to be given the honor of fighting to the death. When he was twelve, he was fearful that he would have become too old to be selected, and approached the town's priest - who agreed that he was a worthy candidate and promised him a slot in the coming festival. On the night of his fight, and hopefully sacrifice, he was filled with anticipation. He couldn't rest, he wondered what the void would be like, and he went to the priest's temple to ask him about the paradise that was the void. But he overheard something. A discussion between the priest, and an unknown entity. What he heard shattered his beliefs, as the priest remarked of his people as fools that were easy to manipulate, and that the paradise was infact no paradise at all. He had a recording crystal with him, and set it down to observe the priest talking, and projected what was being recorded in a gigantic hologram above the entire village. Chaos ensued. Loyalists claiming that it was blasphemy or a test of faith, against the townsfolk who had learned the truth. The town was destroyed, the temple burned down, until all that was left were a small handful of families and a destroyed settlement. It was revealed to young Paul that one of these families - responsible for arming the rebels with swords - had a hidden communication crystal (a device deemed blasphemous for many years and strictly outlawed) that allowed him to know of the land beyond the great barrier. The league of legends. The institute. Having lost everything he had dedicated his life to, he found new purpose in becoming a summoner for the league of legends. During the reconstruction of his village and the many following years, he became an adult. At first he lacked motivation to do so because of all that he lost, wondering if the league was yet another lie, but he became motivated with the hope of meeting a beautiful woman. While now he has lost all of his combat knowledge, long replaced with the formerly banned practice of "reading" and studying to become a summoner, he has finally arrived for a chance to claim his dreamgirl...


If it wasn't already obvious, summoners can learn things. And read books. There's a lot you can learn from old books. There will be hidden perks and bonuses throughout the world that may be activated to boost a character - but the boost will be locked to the first character who recieves it. You will not get to know what all of these are in advance, however, you may search for them (with a chance of failure) However, what you will have power over are the starting perks that each character may begin with. Each one will start with two perks, which may be voted on for a champion from this pool (perks may be re-used for different champions from the starting pool):

Perk 1 - Level 1 fighting. Level 1 fighting will mean that you are not totally helpless should you become cornered and will give you a bonus roll point in your odds to get a positive outcome to an encounter.

(example: Akali decides to stab you. You must roll a 6 to survive. You only need a 5 to survive with this perk).

Perk 2 - Fortune Finder - gives you one bonus point to your roll when checking for positive random events and finds.

Perk 3 - Bro - Gives you a bonus point on rolls for encountering male champions.

Perk 4 - Cannibalism - Cannibalism gives you the ability to obtain nourishment from the recently slain and gives you a bonus point to rolls regarding dark intent.

Perk 5 - Eavesdrop - You have good hearing. + 1 point to rolls on being able to overhear conversations without being in detection range.

Perk 6 - Level 1 Triage - You have some medical skills, but not a lot. + 1 point to rolls on being able to heal injuries of yourself or others.

Perk 7 - Care Package - Having access to a small amount of wealth, you will, periodically, gain the ability to roll to have an item shipped to you from outside the institute.

Perk 8 - Sneak - +1 to your roll if being detected/observed.

Perk 9 - Second Chance - you will get a one time use roll in a circumstance that would otherwise kill or incapacitate you for a miracle to allow you to survive/escape.


As you may have guessed, there may be actions that may or may not be successful and potential random events. The results of these will be determined by real-life dice roll on my part. Also, if I notice that people are glomping on one summoner to support him (or after a period of time) I will activate sudden death mode. Sudden death mode will lock people to guide the summoner they seem to favor and guide the most heavily and will block the ability to cast venomous advice to the one they dislike - effectively binding the person to the path of one summoner. We will begin with the ability for everyone to take part in each summoner's actions, but should that start to seem biased, sudden death mode will be activated. When this is done, someone who is, for example, locked to Todd will no longer be able to cast a vote for Paul's actions and their votes will be discarded. You may chose to activate sudden death mode on a personal level early, and your vote will gain a 50% increase (instead of a vote of 1, you will be 1.5) in value.

Vote on 2 perks for each summoner.
Vote on a female champion to persue.
Don't be surprised if something you don't like happens because you missed the above information.

All rolls will be done with a 6 sided die, a coin flip, or a roll of two 6 sided dice.

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In the interest of not being a jackass, since I am moving it, I am copy-pasting the comments originally made after my post in that thread.

From Aproxima -

Well, let's start with a summary of whom not to pick, because the choice would get the summoners toasted in no time:
Shyvana - ass kicked by Jax + burning down in her flames
Sona - TF will get you
Ahri - prepare to be eaten by a giant crocodile
Fiora - anyone would like a knife in their back?
Katarina - she'll deal with you on her own + belthazor...unless he wants a threesome
Miss Fortune + Sivir - try to get a hand on one of them and you're without it
Orianna - Draven's wife if I am correct ?
Lulu - trident in your crotch
Poppy - not interested in such nonsense
Vayne - the same as Poppy
Kayle - Talon might still claim her, the same goes for Irelia
Ashe - married, enough said
Lux - spin2win death
Riven - not interested
Anivia - ehmm, no. She's a bird
Annie - pedobear?

This should be it, I haven't read all the ask threads but I think I didn't miss much. Correct me if I am wrong
So, this leaves us (if I'm correct) these following girls:

Caitlyn - don't know how it is with the Bard of Piltover
Cassiopeia - there might be some complications, after all she is half-snake
Karma - most likely wouldn't be interested
Morgana - she'll bake you into a muffin sooner or later

From Kameil -

Hmm, I'll try my best... I'm really having the perks based on the story.

Bob Petrelli

Perks - Care Package and Bro

He comes from a wealthy family, should be a given even though they hate him. Not much else is given, but the Bro perk might help well.

Joe Makarov

Perks - Second Chance and Eavesdrop

Joe, in my opinion, is pretty lucky to be alive. He could use it later in the story. I don't understand most of it sadly so since our second summoner probably was in the gutters at least a few days. Soon, Joe must have some skill in hearing if he wanted to know about the summoner. (If anything is wrong about it, correct me if I'm wrong.)

Todd Nakamora

Perks - Fortune Finder and Bro

Todd here acquired influence, I'm not sure how, but I'm going to say through social interactions that came out as friendly and positive. Give him the Bro perk. Fortune Finder however, this summoner seems like he can get lucky. So why not?

Paul Arran

Perks - Eavesdrop and Sneak

Paul was able to listen on the two, which is probably good or he would probably be dead by now. Now Sneak, our summoner here was able to come into the temple, place the recording crystal, and get out undetected. How is that not a reason already? Sure he might bad it now, but he has some decent knowledge of it.

Now, the woman I vote for is.... Morgana, why? I just like her and I believe she has the right to be star of the show. But if that isn't enough.... Cassiopeia, our scaly and beautiful friend may bring up some hilarity since apparently four summoners are attracted to a snake lady.

From asktheteemo -


perks-care package and second chance


perks-eavesdrop and bro


Perks-fortune finder and eavesdrop


Perks-sneak and

Woman- lux, just don't screw up or you'll end up with death bye spin to win

From Blade3324 -

I'm just gonna go with most of Kameil's choices cuz **** he's convincing

Bob: Care-Package, Bro

Joe: Second chance, Fortune Finder (He was able to go from street rat to summoner no?

Todd: Fortune Finder, Bro

Paul: Sneak, Eavesdrops

I also vote for Morgana

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Current starter vote tally - (tally currently inaccurate, will wait for more votes to update)

Lux 1
Morgana 2

Perk votes -

Bob -

Bro 2
Care Package 3
Second Chance 1

Joe -

Fortune Finder 1
Second Chance 2
Eavesdrop 2
Bro 1

Todd -

Fortune finder 3
Eavesdrop 1
Bro 2

Paul -

Sneak 3
Eavesdrop 2

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Bob-care package, second chance

Joe-Bro, second chance

Todd-Bro, fortune finder

Paul-Sneak, eavesdrop

and i pick lux

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Bob - Bro, Care Package

Joe - Fortune Finder, Sneak

Todd - Level 1 Fighting, Level 1 Triage

Paul - Eavesdrop, Sneak. (Might as well lock this one in)

I pick Sejuani

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Bob - Care Package, Fortune Finder
Joe - Fighting, Second Chance
Todd - Fortune Finder, Triage
Paul - Eavesdrop, Sneak

and voting for LeBlanc... just because that would be interesting

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Bob - Bro, Fortune Finder

Joe - Fighting, Second Chance

Todd - Fighting, Triage

Paul - Eavesdrop, Sneak


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Ask Sejuanì

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((Just saying for avaiable girls... Sejuani is being pursued by Pantheon, unless you count Sejuani's imposter drunk Sejuani.... and LeBlanc is currently dating I think Darius))

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((Also, Riven and Kazamaru were a tiny bit of a couple; they went on one date before they both disappeared, and that date was nearly ruined by me.))

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((We should have Panth man drop any who dares go for Sejuani.))