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Some ideas to improve ranked

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Petition for new reporting rule

Ok I don't think this reporting rule needs to result in account bans or suspensions but should definitely get you suspended from ranked for a little. The rule is this

If you ignore team comp and instapick a champ even though the spaceis already filled or you pik a champ ignoring others who already asked to play that position you should be suspended from ranked for a either a time period or be forced to play x normal games before going ranked again.

Not as much of a punishment so much as hey you need to spend more time in normal before you switch to ranked or you need to be a teamplayer.

Additionally another good idea would be a matchmaking queue that lets you select what role ou want prior to forming group this way it is more likely proper teams are built and there is no arguing over who called positions

I'm sure someone has thought of this but want to know what community thinks thumbs up and post your thoughts if you think riot should do this.

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