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AP nautilus mid

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I haven't played Naut mid before, but I play him in the jungle all the time. I think that while it's possible to do, it's not going to be very strong. Nautilus has a kit built around CC. Because he has to get into the middle of a fight, he has to build at least fairly tanky. If he doesn't he'll die. If he tries to go for damage output, he'll be behind whatever other champions are building the same damage type. He will scale very slow to do AP damage against mages and he's sub-par as a bruiser. His best role is utility. He is most effective when he pairs up with a high-damage champ because he sits on the enemy and CCs them until they die. This is why as a jungler he's very strong. He can sneak into a lane then give a kill to the laner who can focus on damage instead of tankiness or CC.

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I've done Nautilus mid, and I like it. The short lane is nice for escaping with Dredge Line, as I don't really use it in lane until I'm going for a kill. When I play him mid, I don't build the typical glass cannon carry, his AP scaling is poor at best, I build Mag Pen Tank. I try to pick him mid when I'm going against melee mages, though I have done well vs ranged mages and adc mids, also being the fact that he has 4 forms of cc, I like to pick him when I have a carry jungler (i.e. Yi, Fiora, Trynd) as they rely on CC in lanes for successful ganks.

As far as the amount of CC he brings to the table, and how it's great for ganking. I agree 100%, but that doesn't mean it can't be utilized in mid. Shove the lane with w>e, and roam. The only problems I have really felt with him mid is he has mana issues, and his attack animation is awful. But nothing a lil practice in a custom game cant fix.

The build I prefer is Athenes(mana & cdr), Liandry's (Mag Pen & Health), Abyssal, Sunfire Cape/Zhonyas (I prefer Sunfire), Sorc Shoes.

I like Mejais on him, You shouldn't die much, and it's easy to stack.