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Most useful tank

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I'd say Amumu is probably the best initiator with a very kickass ult. Shen is these things too, but I'd say mumu is a bit better for team fights.

I would say that you are right. However to get the most out of his ultimate someone else should preferable initiate and here s why: The stun lasts 2.5 seconds and it really stinks if you waste 1-2 seconds while your team rushes for your primary target.

One of my favorite is if a allied morgana initiates and just as she is about to get jumped she clicks ultimate and THEN I bandage toss and do ultimate. If the timing is right you get up to 5 seconds total stun AND your allies are all ready in position more or less.

Pick: Amumu, Rammus or Shen. Best tanks in the game and they all excel in their own different way. A decent 4th alternative would be Alistar. Whatever anyone tries to tell me, a well played Alistar is a lean mean line backer that can setup kills for your team so beautifully.