100+ Game QUESTIONS / Answers

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If you are currently a new player, THIS IS FOR YOU!
Even if you’re an experienced player at times you will have questions.
Questions, failures, and victory’s is how you become a better player.

Here is a link:

This thread is a collection of numerous questions and answers.
Questions you may have never thought about.
Post your own questions!
Answer other questions to help players!

Thank You, hope you enjoy.

Your even welcome to post your questions on here and they will go on the main page.
Then be related back to you on here.
Happy gaming!

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i have a better answer for a few:

2. Add thornmail to that mix.

6. Yes, Kinda, Only when youre in need of gold for something very very expensive

19. Skills are gained thru levels in both game and for your summoner. You can put a point into any of your skill other than your ultimate before 6, but you cant get a skill up above 4 until you hit 6. Ultimate abilities (r) can be learned at 6, 11, and 16. Summoner spells are learned once every level, maybe 2 and stop at 12 (Flash)