Site: Custom Item Sets for Every Champion

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Peppe DG



A fellow new player recommended I cross post this:

I burned out leveling my account, so starting playing around with the RIOT API. My project was to summarize the items used in high level games and generate recommended item lists for each champion and if possible each role they play (Jungle, Lane, and Support).

I moved the data off my home machine and published it here:LOL Flavor of the Month. Hoping to get it approved by riot for higher request per minute cap to the API. If i do get access i will add custom item sets for ARAM and 3v3 games.

The project has revitalized my interest in the game. If i could just stop tinkering with the site long enough to get some games in :P

If the data becomes available I hope to expand the site to include skill order, runes, and mastery pages (linked to specific games). And a laundry list of other items people have suggested.

Actively developing the site and its tooling, so let me know if you have any feedback.

Good Luck Summoners,

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The Dark Avenger

Junior Member


I like it !!! keep up the good work !