Double AD or AP comp!?

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Hey so I want to hear what some of your guys's thoughts are on these comps that some people seem to be running. Generally you see it a lot in game modes such as blind or normal draft mode. I am curious to what people think of them being pulled out in ranked though? How well does the extra damage scale into vs a tanky renekton or a beast shyvana late game.

Generally I would think that if this were the case you would need a support or a jungle with super hard CC such as an amumu or a leona. Which in turn you allow the other team to engage and then you just lock up and allow your damage dealers to go ham.

Just curious as to what everyone thinks and to hear your own opinions on the best way to get those comps to work if they work. I've only been playing the game for about 4 months so honestly I don't know much about meta or anything like that.

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As a jungler, I really like when my team runs double AD or AP. It allows me to build what we're lacking and be less affected by enemy builds. If we're running double AD, I'll jungle Mumu, Fiddle or Karthus (depending on what I feel like we need) and carry from the jungle.

In general, people get all bent out of shape about having no AD or no AP on a team. In all of my games, I've only had a handful that felt straight unwinnable late game because we lacked a certain distribution of damage type. Not only that, I'm sure in each and every one of these games, we had chances earlier in the game to win.

If you're against a really beefy comp, you might want to reconsider having too much AD or AP. Say the enemy has a tanky top jungle and support, you might feel the effects as early as mid game if they start stacking armor or MR.

I'm not too sure about what you're saying in your second paragraph. I don't really think that CC is the counter to people stacking resists. Better counters would be champions like WK or Jarvan or Yasuo or Vayne that can shred/ignore armor or heavily benefit the team with a black cleaver and an arsenal of last whispers.

TL;DR, I think team fight comp as far as synergy is way more important than damage composition. If you have an all AD or all AP comp, make sure you push any edges early game and stay aggressive to finish as fast as possible.

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