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Twitch - Beginning Items

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Depends on the way to want to play.

You need a team behind you to rush into Bloodrazor, as it's VERY expensive and Twitch is GLASS. Any form of harassment early game will slow you down bad.

If you can hold your lane well and your team can handle you not doing what you're supposed to be doing, the dual Bloodrazor build HURTS BAD. You will start getting focused really fast though, so follow it up with a frozen mallet/warmogs/anything with magic resist.

If your team is getting harassed hard, I like to start with mobi boots ASAP, and lane jump. Scare them into staying close to their tower any time you're not visible on the mnimap. Unless you're useless, you'll make up the money and EXP lost from laning through ganks and assists. Your team will also benefit by having 2 'solo' lanes.

Rush bloodrazor (always get the Recurve Bow first!) if you can, otherwise I like to go Mobi boots/Scepter then either recurve then another recurve into bloodrazor then 2nd bloodrazor or recurve into bloodrazor then stuff to keep you alive

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Still a lot of difference in opinion, but I thank all of you. Smeck, I have read your guide, and commented on it regarding items usage. I did enjoy your guide tho, great job on it.

My problem is just getting gold now, it comes so slow to me. And it seems as tho it is hard to farm creeps... I cant get Twitch good enough, fast enough. And I cant keep up with ppl leveling wise. For instance, I will be lvl 6, when the rest of my team and their team is 8-12...

It is quite frustrating, any advice on this now? If not, I understand, and thanks again for the help with the items.

Take care all!

This sounds like a problem with last hitting and or you're dying too often or you are not in range of creeps when they die. Items aren't going to help you with the situations that you described. You need to find a better playstyle.

Do you understand the mechanics of the game itself? You get gold by last hitting mobs and/or killing other champions. You get XP by merely being near creeps/champs when they die. That's why people want to solo. They get more XP and more gold. The same with jungling.

If you're dead and running back, you're not getting XP and you're certainly not getting last hits in.

To get gold: work on last hitting
To get XP: Don't die and just be in range of creeps when they die.

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It depends what you want to do, really. If you want to be an assassin, wit's end and some hp would be a good start. If you want to carry and dominate team fights, go tiamat and life steal.

Beyond that it all depends on what you're up against. My guide has some suggestions for items to deal with different situations but the guide itself is geared heavily toward a carry playstyle:

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I get malady and then boots of mobility

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Al da Bok

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The 2 builds I love most :

Start is always the same, and essential :

Vampiric Scepter
Berserker Boots

If I hold my lanes properly + get a few kills :
BF Sword -> Infinity Edge
Recurve bow
Zeal -> Phantom Dance

OR, if I have a bit more trouble

Recurve bow -> Wit's end
Zeal -> Phantom Dance
BF Sword -> Black Cleaver

The first build makes it damn easy to get all the last hits, so you feed at extreme speed. The extra crit at 250% early in the game makes kills much easier, with surprise effect added. Expunge is your best friend. The problem is you just can't hold your char at mid-game if you don't get gold QUICK at the beginning. It's tough to get the Infinity Edge before lvl 12/13, during which time you could have gotten 2 Zeal and 2 Recurve bow for example. But it pays off well if you manage to do it : preferably when your team is doing good.