[Champion Concept] Pluto, the Soul Chain

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By this point, I've made enough champion concepts that I'm not even trying to get one of them into the game, I just want to post my ideas and see what other people can take from them. So, I introduce to the internet, Pluto, the Soul Charmer.


The Yordles of Bandle City are not seen as a dangerous force in the eyes of the world, despite all of the powerful champions such as Tristana, Kennen, or even Rumble in his destructive machine. The only Yordle that truly inspired fear into citizens was Veigar, but even then Yordles were still taken lightly. Pluto, after living his entire life with this realization, sought to change the general opinion of the Yordles. However, his actions proved his point well enough when he was found guilty of killing several innocent civilians. He was captured, chained, and executed. But his death was only the beginning.

Like most spirits, Pluto found himself drawn to the infamous Shadow Isles, seeking to finish his quest. When he emerged from the mist, he discovered that a terrible undead magic had awoken inside of him, which he was able to perform through the very chains that bound him to death. He wandered Runeterra again, only to find that he could not personally harm the living. Instead, he was able to control their very souls with his chains. He quickly became a master of this magic, using ordinary people to commit his murders. However, it still wasn't enough. During his travels he found Thresh who, unexpectedly, was impressed by Pluto's actions. So, Thresh offered Pluto a deal; Assist him in his goal to collect souls, and Thresh would lend him the power of his lantern, which remains a mystery from all but Thresh himself. Pluto accepted the terms, and with every soul that he collected for the warden, Pluto's form gained more substance, allowing him to slowly become a physical being again, until he was at last able to kill his victims personally. Anxious to test out his newfound physical form, he followed Thresh to the ultimate proving grounds, the League of Legends.

"The world shall learn the true meaning of fear through my chains"
(I will work more on the Lore later, it feels like there's a better story that I can't think of yet)


Passive: Spirit Form
Whenever Pluto lands a basic attack or an ability on an enemy unit, he absorbs part of their soul, gaining 1 Soul Fragment per hit. Assists grant 5 Soul Fragments, while Kills grant 10 Soul Fragments. When the meter is full, his abilities gain added effects. Pluto gains +1 bonus attack damage for each Soul Fragment in his Soul Meter. (10 fragments +5 per level, 100 at lvl 18) Upon death, half of the Soul Fragments are lost.

Q: Soul Bind (Range 750 units) Cooldown 10/9/7/6/5 Seconds
Pluto flings his chain in a straight line, dealing (50/75/100/125/150) +40% Attack Damage. The first champion hit by this ability is rooted for .5 seconds, all other champions hit are slowed by (11/12/13/14/15)% for 2 seconds.
When Spirit Form is active, Soul Bind deals extra damage based on max Soul Fragments (Soul Fragments x 1.5) and the root and slow effects last twice as long.

W: Spirit Eruption
Passive: When Pluto strikes the last hit on an enemy unit, half of the damage it took is transferred to the closest enemy in a 500 unit radius. (Prioritizes Champions)
Active: Pluto's basic attacks and abilities drain his Soul Meter per hit, (1 Fragment per basic, 5 Fragments per ability) to deal magic damage in an area of 250 units around the target for 50% of Pluto's Attack Damage. (I.E., 100 attack damage would deal 50 magic damage in an area)
When Spirit Form is active, Spirit Eruption does not drain Soul Fragments, but magic damage dealt is reduced to 25%

E: Chain Whirl (Range 500 units) Cooldown: 15/13/11/9/7 Seconds
Pluto spins his chain around in a circle, dealing (60/70/80/90/100) +30% Attack Damage, and knocking back enemy champions 50 units.
When Spirit Form is active, Chain Whirl stuns enemy champions for 1 second.

R: Chain of Command (Range 1250 units) Cooldown: 150/135/120 Seconds
Pluto binds the target champion's soul with his chain, dealing (200/350/500) Magic damage, giving him control over them for 5 seconds. While controlling an enemy, Pluto is unable to move or activate other abilities, and the enemy champion cannot activate abilities as well. Pluto can cancel this ability at any time, and the ability is also canceled if the target is moved out of range.
When Spirit Form is active, Chain of Command applies Grievous Wounds, dealing a percentage of Attack Damage over 5 seconds based on max Soul Fragments, while reducing healing effects by 25%.

Health 500 (1250 at 18)
Soul Meter 15 (100 at 18)
Attack Damage 50
Ability Power 0
Attack Speed .75
Movement Speed 325
Armor 0
Magic Resist 0


Pusher, Carry, Fighter, Ranged

Top Lane:
Pluto's abilities provide him with the means to do well in a 1 on 1 fight as well as escape from ganks, or set up for a gank. Since he gains bonus attack damage every time he attacks minions or lands a poke on an enemy, it would not be wise to let him farm, otherwise Pluto's abilities will quickly gain added effects, making it even more difficult to deal with him. Since Pluto's attacks are all ranged with one small knockback ability, letting an enemy get in too close is dangerous. Pluto's main objective in this lane should be to push the lane with caution, constantly asking the jungler for ganks, and keeping a careful eye on wards for the enemy jungler. If Pluto is able to take down the turret quickly, then his next goal is to roam the map, picking up kills for his team whenever he can, helping other lanes to push, and making sure the top lane doesn't fall.

Pluto is one of the few champions that requires hits against enemy units, rather than the experience from killing them. As such, Pluto is able to perform decently well jungling on his own. Pluto does not require either buff to farm his jungle well, but the Red buff from the Elder Lizard would prove to be the most useful. Pluto is capable of providing very early ganks by taking Soul Bind at level 2, while starting with Spirit Eruption to maximize farming potential. If Pluto takes a buff and levels up at the start of the game, then his ganks would prove to be fatal against nearly any opponent that overextends, but then again the same can be said about nearly every jungler in the game. However, once Pluto reaches level 6, he is able to gank a lane without even leaving the jungle, due to Chain of Commands range. It's things like this that warrant the incredible Cooldown and lack of damage scaling on Pluto's ultimate.

Mid Lane:
Pluto's range and farming ability makes the Mid Lane a possibility, however most Mid Laners are aware enough of their opponent to be skilled at avoiding pokes, and landing their own. This makes Mid Lane a challenge for Pluto, while staying as a possibility. Here, the same strategy for Top Lane is applied.

This position is similar to Mid Lane in the respect that Pluto deals extra damage based on the attacks he's able to land on an enemy unit, but ADC's that he would lane against work the same way as well as having a support who can disrupt your attacks, destroy your vision by buying Oracle's Elixir or a Vision Ward, and make your pokes all but nonexistent damage against your enemies. Therefore, Pluto is not the best choice for an ADC, while the possibility still remains.

I haven't been changing my main point with these past few positions. That point being that there are better positions for Pluto besides this one. It is possible for Pluto to play a support role thanks to his Soul Bind, Chain Whirl, and his Chain of Command, but I don't recommend it. In the later levels it's hard enough for Pluto to regain his Soul Meter if he dies, let alone if Pluto dies just to return to lane and do nothing but occasionally attack minions and poke the enemy. The one merit that makes this position more acceptable than Mid Lane or ADC is that his damage output can increase without the need to buy items, but unless his team is doing well earning kills and gold, Pluto isn't able to get items for Armor or Magic Resist, resulting in a squishy champion that snowballs off of surviving, which is not a good combination.

I know I said at the very beginning that I wasn't trying to get my ideas in the game, but I can't help but think of these ideas as if they were actual champions, so I tried to balance Pluto as much as possible while still making him viable. Let me know what you think if you feel like it, but I'm probably not going to come back to this thread often, if at all. Thanks for your time reading this, and enjoy this amazing game.