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Looking for Volibear artwork (Want a Tattoo)

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So I was looking for someone to potentially sketch me up a drawing of a regular skinned Volibear, similar to the one actually in-game, but with a few minor changes. Not sure if this would be the right place to request such a thing, but here goes...

1. I don't really want headgear on him for personal reasons.
2. I'd like his mouth opened, as if he's roaring at the heavens for power.
3. Armor on both knees.
4. Slight change in his stance, so that you can see his right arm.
5. Sort of like an electric aura surrounding him. Not too intense, but enough to look like he has been perhaps struck by lightning and it's now flowing around him?

Again, I don't know if this is a place to suggest such a drawing, but I'm hoping someone very talented at drawing would like to do this. If someone is interested we could talk somewhere else about it. Perhaps a monetary reward if I really like how the picture turns out?

Thanks for your time

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That's quite epic if you ask me, however as an artist myself you could check out deviantart.
http://www.miissrowena.deviantart.com. Sadly I can't do commissions at the moment, even though this would be awesome as volibear is my favourite champion on league. Maybe you could check out the inspirations part as see whether my idols are particpating in commissions which then they would be able to sketch what you want up for your tattoo if you pay them ^^ <33

Hope this helps!