How many wards to buy when losing?

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Hi, I'm a relatively new player to LoL and I've been trying out support roles recently. As I understand it, in the current meta game the support role should be buying wards to cover the map, and the support also shouldn't be farming creeps so the ranged AD carry can. Now when my team is winning, I find it easy to both buy wards and still buy items to increase my tankiness. But oftentimes, my team loses team fights (I share the blame) and thus also loses out on global gold objectives like turrets, dragon, and baron. When this is the case, I find myself at a very low gold position, and I am not sure whether to buy wards to cover the map, or to save up some money for myself so I can get some items. So my question is, how many wards should I buy when this is the case?


From a ~1100 ELO player

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If you're losing, wards become even more important. Ward up your jungle, and accept that you aren't going to get any big items soon. Assuming you have gp10 already.