Orianna/Lulu Runes

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Ok, I've begun to realize runes, I need them...

What are good runes for both of them?

My main role for Orianna is mid...
My roles for Lulu are Jungle, Support, and sometimes top...
What runes are good for both of them?

I already own a full set of Armor seals and CDR per Level Glyphs.

Other champs I own that I use frequently-
Sona, Cassiopeia, Viktor, Karma, and Darius (Karma on Twisted Treeline and once or twice mid, never in a ranked game, to many people whining at me)

I normally support, but since I have been using Orianna more and more, I'm beginning to enjoy mid, and Darius is just fun to jungle and top with...
So I guess I am a main mid and support with a frequent jungle

Thanks to everyone in advance!