Catty - the feline witch

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phallus anus

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Catty is a witch. Yeah i know that's kind of bold for a text intro , but whatever.

She speaks with a french accent and adores cats. She's a typical witch in someways : witch cap , flying on broom, black hair, so yeah typical witch kinda ( yet she's unmistakably attractive ). She comes from a mysterious clan of sorcerers whom , at birth , have a part of their soul taken and replaced by an animal's, to allow them to transform into this very animal. (so results vary from one another. Catty's soul for exemple is 66.6% human and 43.4% feline). Having left her clan to explore the world she became a ''stray cat''. Having no one to take care of her she wandered from town to town looking for peopleto help and people who could help her. Before the league she was a mercenary/homeless girl who stole from shops, sometimes to be able to eat or sometimes for the homeless . She could do good just as she could do bad actions, she did anything to survive.

Passive 1: all witchcraft-like items are 25% stronger on her. ( ex: rabadon's witch cap)
Passive 2: Catty is a ''stray cat'' so she stacks up the distance she travelson the fields of batlle as ''rage'' for her Ult. , so the more she travels on her broom , the more her Ult. will be strong.
easter egg : when on the same team , her and ahri are granted +1 Hp

Q:- '' Vitesse Tueuse'' - Catty steps onto her broom and charges on her ennemy. Silencing them for 4 seconds , dealing 30+( 20% AP) magic damage and granting her +50% movement speed (depends of the level ) decaying over 6 seconds.

W: -Ward cap - Catty throws her witch cap onto a surface ( summoner , ally minion , wall , anything ! ) and bounces of 2 other assign surface ( inside her attack radius). Blocking enemies from advancing and attacking for 3 seconds. After 3 seconds , if an enemy champion crosses the wall , it heals nearby allies with the equivalent of 10% that champion's health .

E: - Axe of fiddles - Catty strikes her enemy with her broom ( animation could make an axe blade out of energy at the end of her broom as she holds it) Dealing 66+( 30% AP) magic damage +6 magic damage for each 4% movement speed she has.

R: - schrodinger's dance - Catty transforms into a ( human-size) black feline increasing her
Ability power by 20% for the duration. She ( summoner chooses) chooses 4 places to appear from ( appearing on an enemy champion will stun him ) to jump on her closest prey. This attack deals 120+(55%AP) magic damage on each hit ( maximum 4 hits )
+66 magic damage per ( a certain distance) she traveled on the field. ( running in circles will not count , and rules surrounding that distance could be installed ). Also , the % of magic damage dealt can be increased by the movement speed of catty +1% AP for the Ult. per 5% movement speed.

So , quick recap : the more you travel , the stronger you are. But there must be alot of things im missing , so if you got any comments or ideas , i welcome you to tell me .

-Marc- A. Label