Hi, I am a (very bad) Silver V, and I would like some help improving.

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I am in Silver 5, even though I am not the most qualified. I am generally ok, but I heard CS is the key. I want to know some tips to improve CS. I try to be supportive and constructive in matches, but I would like some more general knowledge. My teams are also always good, and always help me out, and I learn something new every match. I main mid lane, so mid lane advice would be most helpful. More specifically I main Cass (whom I am still getting used to the new Cass) and Brand, but I don't play them all the time. I would just like to know how to improve CS, and some more new general strategies to help me win lane. One thing I do notice I try to harass too much, but usually when I don't harass, I get harassed. I TRY and ward each game, but I am atrocious at remembering to place them other than my trinket, and even worse at placing them at the right place and right time.

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How are you harassing and when are you getting harassed? I look to harass when I have no minions to last hit. I don't look to harass when I have to last hit. I look to harass when they have minions to last hit because it means I get free damage or they lose CS.

Mid is pretty simple to ward, 1 trinket for 1 side and a ward on the other. I tend to pink the bottom side for dragon vision control.

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This is a big one to work on, but essentially there are three main parts to CS'ing, and I've put them in order of importance:

-Avoiding Harass
-Counter Harass

Let's start with farming, fairly obvious.. but it's your ability to last hit minions and get the most gold out of every wave. Put the highest priority on it, but of course, make sure you avoid enemy harrassment.

Avoiding harassment is difficult. Sometimes you lane against someone with a lot of skillshots, and you've played against that champion a lot, so its easy for you to react and dodge their abilities. Sometimes you're against a purely auto attack reliant harasser, but it's important to let them do as little damage to you as possible.

Counter Harassment. This is often the hardest for people, timing it so you don't lose farm, and so that the enemy player can't fight back. The best time to do this is when they go to last hit, hit them with an auto, or maybe an ability or both if you can. Then farm what you can, rinse, repeat.

If you can learn to do all these it makes laning phase easier. Obviously if you can safely get a kill its worth losing 2-3 minions, but if you aren't gonna get a kill don't chase. Chasing is always just a loss of gold you could be earning.

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