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Hello fellow Summoners. I am looking for some advice to help improve my play quality. Currently, I am Silver 1, slowly rising to Gold (hopefully make it by the end of the season ^_^). I have no role that I am better at than others, so I offer to fill any except jungle (while the role is fun, I really have hit or miss games with it). I have multiple questions, so I'll go ahead and get down to business.

1. What's the best way to possess a solid number of farm around the 20min mark? Some games I find myself farming decently, and others I struggle a bit, but still can contribute in teamfights. I understand that each game differs based on reactions by the opposing team, but should I not be focused so much on helping other lanes make plays and focus more on getting myself farmed/fed?

2. While in a single lane, such as top, is it better to back at +/- 1/3 hp instead of trying to farm under tower and soak up xp from the creeps? One of my fears is that if I leave lane, my opponent might freeze the lane in their favor, making it really difficult for me to last hit and is really frustrating when I get countered because it feels like I can't do anything and I'm letting down the team.

3. When I do play the support role, is it more important to be purchasing items that give auras and buffs to my teammates, or should I be focused more on warding the map and losing out on those auras?

Any help or other advice offered would be much appreciated. Thanks for your time.

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On farming, you of course can't ignore the rest of your team for your own benefit. However, if I'm ADC and I feel I need a couple more waves to complete that next item to wreck in a team fight, I'll tell everyone to hold off on the engage for a moment. If you're mid or top and you're deciding between farming or leaving lane to gank, that'll depend on whether or not you believe you can get a kill. If you can, do it - this will feed your team as a whole.

On support, I prefer to buy auras in soloque because so much comes down to successful team fighting. Warding all over the map is only a good investment if your team is constantly taken advantage of the information those wards are giving you. Unless you're all in the same room, that's hard to do. Aura items, however, don't require anything from your team - they're a more fool-proof way of coming out ahead.