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[Guide] Veigar, The Nuclear Bomb

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First guide so here goes.

Veigar is a powerhouse, but in this build, like ryze, he is a glass cannon. First Lets look at his Abilities.

Baleful Strike
Your Primary farming skill. It builds your AP, and is a small nuke with a low CD. Try to use this only to last hit. Rush this ability ASAP because if you rush dark matter like most people will say, you result in being oom a lot, and having to put points in horizon to three quickly too, resulting in less love for this, and end game up to 100 less AP.

Dark Matter
This is your nuke. It hits like a bomb, and if you get hit you will normaly die if less than half health. It also has a huge AP ratio. Use this on champions once you get horizon up to level 2+ as level one horizon will result in you missing and being down 200 mana. Late game this can hit for up to 1.5k so abuse it late game, but not so much early.

Event Horizon
AOE Stun. Great in team fights. Just make sure you always hit them with the stun. Watch how they run. Chances are if you put it in front of the way they are running they will not be able to stop in time. This spell is always worth it, either as an escape or dark matter holder.

Primordial Burst
This is the ability that makes or breaks team fights. It does dmg +25% of the opponents mana. Early game calculate what the damage will be before you engage. For example, never use this against katrina, mundo, ect. But against Annie/other casters it is great. Theirs nothing that makes me happier then laning against someone who is rushing tear, as you will be able to hit ridiculously high with this.

Basic movement
This is something that is very impotant to veigar. As you progress people will try to stay away from you. Don't get overexcited and rush through where creeps will see you when you go for the gank. Make it look like you are going back. For example, bluepill next to a tower, and have your stun ready. Normaly early someone will try to knock off the bluepill so as to delay you. when they get in range to attack, stun and sit their and watch their life plummet. Anothe r way is to run back past first tower, go into your sides bushes, run past the stream, then come out behind them ready to pwn them. These little tricks make all the difference in the entire game.

Skill Build
This is where it can be a matter of Preference. But this is my build Personaly

Item Build
Meki Pendant--->Philosiphers if against lots of melee/Chalice if up against lots of magic. If mixed go for chalice
Sorcerers Boots
Senjai's Soulstealer
Abyssal Scepter

Always always always go for solo. until level 7 just pretend the opponent isn't their. Make them think you are an insignifigant noob who fails at the game. Just sit back and farm baleful. Then at level 7 with level 4 baleful, start nuking. You will watch your opponents cry as you take down 1/4-1/5 of their health in one hit. Then start doing your horizon, dark matter, primordial, ect. Mid game never engange. Let someone beefier go, then cut off their escape route with a horizon followed by dark matter. Also if you see any large waves/wraiths take them down with matter. Also at this point you should always have golem buff, and elixir if you can. With these and the talent you will have your 40% max without even trying. Late game is really where veigar shrines. Dark matter for 1000, baleful for 600, and primordial for your opponents going WTFNERFNERFNERF because they stacked mana. Use horizon for support, and only go for fights where its 2vYou or 1vYou. Always help push, and dont be afraid to horizon/matter the tower huggers next to the inhibitor towers. Thats it.

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Nice guide been thinking about playing him will give this a try

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This build does work fantastically, end game melts anything with mana.

Lately i've been doing a really really odd build, and building veigar for AS and Movement speed. early game is really shaky but if you QQ it up, you get roughly 100ap and you are able to get alot of assists by endgame, it is great for teamwork, not soloing though

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Cool ! He really is powerful i saw a Veigar with like 1,100 AP devastating 3,5k Jax in 2 secs

EDIT: and i was the poor jax