feedback on my high attack speed Lulu build

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I saw a Teemo player with a ridiculously high attack speed build (2.4 attack speed) and I was of creating a similar build for Lulu because of her companion Pix shoots 3 projectiles on a target foe Lulu is attacking. So I decided to make a small variation of that guy's build and create a very devastating DPS Lulu build. Please tell me what you think:

9 Alacrity Seals
9 Alacrity Marks
9 Potency Glyphs
3 Avarice Quintessence

3 points on Good Hand
1 point on Improved Recall
4 Points in Swiftness
4 Points in Greed
2 Points in Wealth
4 Points: in Awareness
3 Points in Intelligence
1 Point in Mastermind

22 Points in Utility

3 Points in Brute Force
1 Point in Butcher
4 Points in Alacrity

8 Points in Offense

Item order (bold indicates finalized item):
Boots of Spped ---> The highest number of Health Potions (3 or 4) ----->Berserker's Greaves -----> Stinger----->Ionic Spark------>Phage----->Frozen Mallet------>Zeal--------->Phantom Dancer---------->Malady--------->Nashor's Tooth---->Madred's Razors ------->Madred's Bloodazors

This build combines the Ionic Spark effect for killing multiple minions to farm fast amount of gold, the Frozen Mallet snaring from your autoattacks, and the magic damage autoattack & magic resistance reduction from your autoattacks; you'll be an effective damage per second beast against unsuspecting enemies (with roughly 140 attack damage with around 2.4 attack speed, not to mention a good HP boost). For my early strategy, I try to get my enemy champion HP to around 25% from my autoattacks and Glitterance and use this skill order: Giltterance, Whimsy, Help, Pix!, and then Pix's Glitterance pointing at the enemy champion (which may either kill them or put them out of the commission for a while when they need to go back and heal themselves). Once I've obtained the Frozen Mallet in my build, I usually roam around the jungle, killing the neutral minion or enemy minions for gold. I usually try to attack them by surprise from the behind. The Frozen Mallet itself combined with high attack speed is usually good enough to kill the enemy champion, but I still use the skill combo from the beginning of the game to add extra pressure and shutdown.

I tested this build out at games against the Beginner AI bots in Summoner's Rift and it worked out quite well. I haven't tried this build in Intermediate difficulty or Dominion (there might be item variations in Dominion) but I think it should work with a harder difficulty. It probably wouldn't work out well in PvP.

Anyways, please give feedback and suggestions.

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Well, in dominion this works decently.

There really is no place for her to go as an on-hit/AS build. Beginner Bots is absolute **** and doesn't reflect the real game at all. Current metagame means you have 1 bruiser up top, 1 jungler, 1 magical damage mid, 1 attack damage carry bottom and 1 support champ bottom. Lulu winds up being an AP mid, OR a bottom lane support. In which case she is building AP as she is supposed to give BURST damage, or support where she gets little gold.

I would recommend trying this in dominion. As for your items themselves...

Malady - first since she can benefit nicely from the AP as well as the high cheap AS and onhit.

Zerker boots - good.

WITS END - excellent onhit, AS, and magic resistance. You will want this.

Phantom Dancer is NO GO. The 30% crit is totally wasted with the onhit damage. Skip it.

Frozen Mallet - Get Phage early for toughness/snare. Upgrade mallet END GAME ONLY. Its just too expensive and youve got extra health.

Ionic spark - nice item. Less efficient though, so you might skip.

Bloodrazor - wayyy too expensive. A last item only. Assume you will not get it.

Nashors Tooth - love those CD and she can use the AP. Has ZERO onhit dmg though, so its a 4th item only! Early stinger IS a good idea though. I like that plan.

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