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optimize my jungle masteries + runes, help?

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Hopeful Angel

Senior Member


okay so i mostly only jungle Nocturne and Lee sin with the rare shaco jungle

i recently bought a new rune page and yeah so i want to finally optimize it

so here's what i'm currently running


MR per level blues

flat Armour yellows

flat AD reds with 3 attack speed reds for helping in the early jungle

flat AD quints

i realize this isn't optimized this is what i mostly run on all my ad champions soo i'm asking what should i change to make it best for noc and lee?

any advice is really helpful thanks

and here's the masteries i run

1 in butcher

3 in brute force and taking everything down that row until exicutioner

while also taking deadliness and lethality instead of havoc i been wondering for a while now which is better to run

havoc or scaling ad + 10% crt dmg?

in defense i take improved smite 3 Armour 1 magic resist 4 health and the flat health standard 9