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Broken EU Client

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Hey LoL-Players,

it's really really unbelievable how GOA fucks everything up they come in contact with.
How is it possible to brake a working client they got from Riot leading to a functional US client and a broken EU client...witchcraft, it must be witchcraft.

Best about GOA is the dialogue with the community...i really like this game, but I'm left now wiith two possibilies:

1.) Play on the US server and buy your shop stuff there...don't give them money for braking clients, that makes no sense!

2.) Play another game like Heroes of Newerth (coming out soon). I'm not saying its better than LoL, i even don't know it yet...but someone has to punish GOA for doing this EVERYTIME, EVERY GAME!

GOA, i know if someone of you read this, you will either delete it, or kick me out of LoL or something. But it would be easier to use this few minutes to repair this friggin client you left us here.

My 49cents