Log in time and your downtimes this week. OVERLOOK

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Question...Was it the patch that did all this? or was the patch just a cover up??!??!

I said its complete bull****. I realise that this is a FREE game and all but, players should recieve the best customer satisfaction and the TRUTH. 3 days of this week were all downtime. Now we try to log in and theres a huge queue/login time. Makes no sence. Just speaking for all the players, you guys millions off of us even though it is a free game. Use it on the servers please.

Really pissed off.

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Now let's count the number of days this has happened out of the total amount of days the game's existed.

I think it was September 2009 or so, rounding it to Jan 2010. It's June 2012 ATM. 898 days ROUGHLY. This is 3 days, so 3/898 days. This means the game has been down roughly 0.33% of the time ever since it's release. Less than 5% of the time, the game's down by non-patch causes (Factoring in previous fails), and you're complaining.