Some things that stick out in Season 4

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Dancing Eel



1. Why exactly does Heal have a "Shurelya/Ghost" effect. There are already enough shields, heals, dashes, and ward-hopping (yes I'm talking to you Jax, Katarina and most notoriously... Lee Sin) to kite and compensate for poor positioning and reaction timing. Is Ignite and Exhaust really worth taking anymore? Considering, Heal makes Ignite laughable, and despite Exhaust being a great duel spell (for Karthus, since I main him) the shurelya effect from Heal just lets them neutralize Exhaust slow.

2. Why is it that when I click outside of Karthus Q range, it now makes Karthus walk all the way to that location, instead of just casting a Q at maximum range of his body in that linear pathway?

3. Why are Ezreal, Lux, Ashe Ultimates, (along with Zyra Roots and Nidalee Spears) falsely advertising a slightly smaller hitbox size, when it actually still hits you even if you "appear" to dodge it by a couple pixels?

*4. (An extension of 1.) Why are there so many heals, barriers, shields, and heal/shield actives? Were Guardian Angel, Zhonyas, Mercurial Sword, and Banshees Veil just not cutting it anymore? I get it's to help those champions with 0 dashes/jumps in their kit (Karthus, Kogmaw, Miss Fortune, etc.) but there are champions who can potentially jump 4 walls (Yes, I'm talking to you Lee Sin) with 1 good Q, ward-hop, and flash, who already have lifesteal, burst-heal, burst-shields in their kit who really don't need it, but build it anyway. Nidalee would be another person who really doesn't need summoner spell "Heal", as she's already hard enough to catch as is. I see botlane abusing this "shurelya" effect from Heal in pretty much every game now.

Trust me I've built Rylais before and, there are 5 possible ways to get out of it:

(Fine)1. QSS (Quick Silversash) *can also be Mercurial Sword), or Crucible

(Fine)2. A dash,ward-hop,jump

(Fine)3. Summoner Flash

(Fine)4. Slow/CC the Rylais Champion with your kit.

(Fine)5. Tenacity via Merc Shoes or Zephyr

*(NOT NEEDED)* 6. Summoner Spell Heal

Like trust me, if you STILL get caught after the first 5 methods, then you deserve to die from a Rylais Chain. I honestly don't see the reason to add this bonus speed on Heal when there's already more than enough methods catering the escape.

Conclusion: I feel like Heal is just way better to take now, Ignite and Exhaust are still alright, but Heal has an unecessary speed effect. Petition to remove the speed portion of Heal, and bring it back to its original state?

Thoughts and Comments Down Below :-)

-Dancing Eel (Floridian Karthus Main)