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Video nocturne basic jungle

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Jungling basics of how to choose a lane to gank and thinking about which lane to choose that will affect the end game result.

In choosing which lane to gank you need to look at which of the lanes
is winning or losing the lane and which lanes are overstepping.
Overstepping is being close to an enemy tower. The farther an opponent is from their tower increases your chance of getting the kill.

Try to gank the lanes that your teammate arent doing so well on. Top lane is good priority since they are the ad tank/ carry end game, but if your top is winning just watch for ganks on them and counter gank.

Keep up with jungle, if no ganks can be performed....JUNGLE. Thats how you keep up your cs. Also jungle in between ganks.

So see how ganking top and getting riven fed while countering olaf made riven more of a carry in the mid game, thats why you want to look for lanes that arent doing so well.

Thanks for watching guys! Hope you enjoy!
More VIDS coming soon!