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[Game][Minor] Mord has 2 classic skin arts.

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[Priority] Minor

[Labels] Artwork. Champion Select.

When you start a game on either summoners rift, or a custom game on Proving Grounds, Mord appears to have 2 artworks for his classic skin. When clicking on the clone artwork, and starting a game, it chooses the next skin on the list that you own. I'm not sure what happens when you don't own the other skins. Example: Start the game, and click on the 2nd "clone" classic artwork. When the game starts, if you own pentakill mord (which I do) that will be the skin chosen for you in the loading screen and when the game begins. I"m not sure if this is an issue on Dominion yet, but I will update if it is. Also, this only happens on the PBE server.

Edit: I've found out that this does not appear when looking at the champions you own and clicking on their portraits and looking at the skins. This only occurs when in the champion select of a game.

Repro steps:
1) Start a classic game on Summoners Rift, or a custom game on Proving Grounds or Summoners Rift.
2) Pick Mord as your champion.
3) Pick a skin. You'll notice two classic mord skin options.
4) Pick the second one.
5) Wait till the game starts.
6) When in the loading screen, if you have another mord skin, it will have chosen that one.
(Theory: My theory is if you don't have pentakill mord, then it will then choose the next runner up skin, i/e the next one to the right. If you have no skins for mord, my theory is that you will just end up with classic mord skin, though, again, I"m not sure)
7) Start the game with the skin chosen, and no further issues. No bugs with the skin arise, just as if you picked that skin from the start.

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I've noticed Darius also has 2 classic skins during skin select, wasn't sure if it was supposed to be like that.

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2 Classic skins is a bug on multiple champs, similar to the black screen champs have in champ selection.