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na and euw client on same pc

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so i figured out how to do it so you dont have to update the game when you swtich from the different servers. im posting it here because i looked everywhere on the forums and all the fixes are really old.

**NOTE** this is the fix if you have na client and trying to make the euw on your pc also. it will work the other way around you just change the euw's to na's.

heres how:

1. go to your league of legends folder and copy the whole thing

2. make a new folder and name it something different (ie LoL eu)

3. paste it into that folder

4. in the new game folder you made find the RADS folder

5. then the system folder

6. open the following files; "launcher" and "system" files in notepad and change all the "na"s to "euw"s

7. open "locale" file and make sure it says "locale=en_gb"

8. when done save them all and go to your folder you just made (ie LoL eu) and rename the laucher to .eu at the end of it.

9. send shortcut to desktop and rename it whatever you want (ie LoL eu client) and your done.

now you can open up the different clients and not have to repatch them and it also saves your different user names if you want it to save them

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Omg thank you so much sir!!!! I can now go on euw and na!!! Yay i wish i could pay you <3 <3