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@Riot matchmaking system

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When will you fix the issue of matchmaking? You have a level system that makes no sense what so ever, cause apparently you can be level 30, play mostly against bots, have maybe 50 games PvP and still get put into level 30 matches. People that don't take the time to learn how to be better players end up throwing the match by either rage quitting or just being unbelievably out matched by other players, obviously because the match making is broken. Out of the 20 games I've played in the past fornight, none of the games were won by skill and none were by all means close battles. They were won by either: a- Disconnects (rage quits included), b- Players lack of experience against other players, c- The whole opposing team consisted of players suffering from ailments a & b. Losses are also caused by these things, and it makes it rather frustrating when you refuse to do anything about it. Sure the community is "generally" friendly and servers are fine, but what is the point of it all when you can't even enjoy a basic game without tearing your hair out cause you hear "Summoner has disconnected" every 2nd game or so after your teammate dies 100 times in early game.Or someone on your own team decides to unleash all manner of 'troll' comments and curses everytime you die. I know it isn't their fault, they are just not experienced, and the trolls are just bellends that spend their spare time making people mad online. Need a system where players are put with alike players- Leavers with leavers, noobies with noobies, casual with casual and pros with pros. I know the first response will be, "then play ranked". Well guess what... I did and I have fallen into the abyss of ELO hell because it's exactly the same issue :O what a surprise?!?!? Same game isn't it? Except you get a nice shiny number added to your profile. Too bad you are still missing tuffs of hair after it all cause you report negative players and yet you see the same players several games later doing the exact same thing. The frequency of this issue has sky rocketed with the popularity of the game and I don't hate on you guys personally, but for the love of God STOP MAKING NEW CHAMPIONS (won't help the problem) and fix the bloody game first! I know alot of people think this is a problem so thumbs up, those that are out there