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Suggestion: Rework monsters

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There has been a lot of talk about the problems with this twisted treeline. The two main problems seem to be how effective tanky DPS champs are on the map and the ability for a team to turtle when they start losing. Recently, there has been a lot of activity by RiotNome on some topics which gives me hope changes will be made soon. Most of the discussion recently that I have seen has been talking about ways of stopping turtling by means of changing the range on the laser. While I agree this would be a good change, it still doesn't change the problem with tanky DPS.

I love the map. It is the reason I got hooked on league of legends. When I did move to playing 5v5s, I focused on becoming a jungler and have become familiar with understanding aspects of how neutral creeps can affect the game. I haven’t got to play as many ranked games in 3v3 as I would like and I admit not as knowledgeable or skilled as other players here. I am however someone who has worked on game design, specifically character balance, in the past. Because of this, coupled with my knowledge of the map and jungling, I might be able to bring some new ideas to fix some of the problems on this map.

I find that the jungle is a bigger cause of the problems in 3v3 than anything regarding the structure of the map. The current jungle heavily encourages a tanky dps meta and just slight changes to the neutral monsters could heavily shift the meta away from this. But beyond this, slight changes to these camps will also fix the turtling problem.

Here are my suggestions with explanations of why the changes should be made;
Change: XP range on neutral monsters should be smaller. Currently I believe the XP range is 800, it should be changed to 500.
Reason: It allows you to give a player on your team help catching up in XP while not having them in an unsafe position.

Change: Bottom small camp should always be golem, lizard, young lizard camp.
Reasons: Early game experience would no longer be up to chance. This camp is easier to leash than the wraiths so it allows you to more easily give a member of the team the XP without losing as much health.

Change: Top small camp will always be wolves.
Reasons: Early game experience would no longer be up to chance. It is nowhere near as risky taking top small camp than bottom small camp so I feel it would be benefit the game for this camp to give less XP than the bottom small camp because it lowers the gap of the risk reward ratio of the two camps.

Change: Top buff camp will always alternate between Rabid wolf and Ghast camp. The first spawn will always have a rabid wolf spawn on one side and a Ghast on the other.
Reasons: This will allow players to be able to know what buff they are going to be able to get. It still can give one side an unfair advantage early game but this shouldn’t be much of a problem.

Change: XP from killing wraith changed to be the same as the amount given by giant wolf.
Reason: Will make it so the Rapid Wolf and Ghast camp will give the same amount of XP.

Change: Rapid wolf and Ghast now gives 75 gold (+0.5 per minute after spawn) up from 75 gold. Rapid wolf and Ghast can only give a maximum of 105 gold.
Reasons: Will increase the amount of gold a team gets for controlling these camps later in the game. This will give aggressive teams a slight advantage over teams that begin turtling. It is a very small change but I feel it is important.

Change: Rapid wolf and Ghast restores 50 mana on death.
Reason: This helps a little if you are running a caster on top lane.

Change: Grez the lizard lord damage health changed to 1400 (+ 175 per level of highest leveled player)(+75 per minute after spawn) from 1400 (+ 175 per level of highest leveled player)
Reason: Makes it so Grez takes longer to kill in the later game which allows the enemy team to contest it. This should lead to more fights being forced throughout the game.

Change: Grez the lizard lord movement speed decreased to 300 from 330.
Reason: This lets ranged characters kite Grez better so they would take less damage when they attempt to get the buff.

Change: Grez the lizard lord gold increased to 50 (+ 0.5 per minute after spawn) from 50. Grez now also grants an additional 25 gold to all members of the team.
Reason: Grez should be worth more as the game goes on so that more teams are willing to fight for him. This gold increase will further punish turtlers.

Change: Ebonmaw The Terror of Zaun health increased to 2450 (+ 200 per level of highest leveled player)(+75 per minute after spawn) from per level of highest leveled player.
Reason: The rewards Ebonmaw is worth an incredible amount and should be harder to kill later into the game.

Change: Ebonmaw The Terror of Zaun now applies a burning debuff that lowers the target’s attack speed and movement speed by 20%.
Reason: Currently, if a tanky DPS a gold advantage it is pretty easy for that character to take down Ebonmaw alone despite it being early in the game. This should prevent that from happening.

Change: Crest of Crushing Wrath additional grants an AoE aura debuff that lowers armor and attack speed of nearby towers by 20%, does not stack.
Reason: This allows a team that gets dragon to more effectively push out a win.

All in all, these changes should increase the gold advantage between an offensive team and a turtling team, lower some of the effectiveness of a tanky DPS team, and make it easier to push during the late game.